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Have you got the edge?


"I had already needed to work on my resume because I was about to attend my interview for Cornell University. I needed to bring a copy of my resume for the interviewer to look over during our meeting. Thank you Competitive Edge. I think you may have helped me gain entrance to Cornell."
Five Star Member Dina Leidy, Hillsborough Community College, Florida, Cornell University Class of 2015

"Competitive Edge has helped me become more cognizant of my strengths and weaknesses. You gain ideas and perspectives about how to improve yourself in both the academic and professional world."
Five Star Member Mohammad Hamad, Cuyahoga Community College, Ohio, Transferred to Harvard University Fall 2012

"I progressed from an online student not participating at all on campus or in ΦΘΚ, to becoming an active student on campus and a ΦΘΚ Officer involved in Honors and College Projects, and taking on a leadership role."
Natasha Brand, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Oklahoma

Get a leg up on the competition for scholarships, transferring and your dream job. Your college classes are only part of your education. Soft skills - such as communication, professional etiquette, team building and critical thinking - are just as important and can give you an advantage over others.

The Professional Development Plan Includes:

  • Instructional videos by experts on critical thinking, scholarship application tips, professional etiquette, overcoming speech anxiety and more
  • Activities to strengthen soft skills, completed individually or with your chapter
  • An Online Portfolio, a central location for posting leadership and service experience, awards/honors and photos/videos of accomplishments; share your portfolio with those writing letters of recommendation, potential employers, scholarship providers, college admissions officials and others
  • A Professional Resume, step-by-step instructions for creating a professional resume

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