First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Dr. Aariel Charbonnet Manager, Member Support and Outreach Contact Aariel (601) 984-3516
Alison Britt Recognition Services Inventory Coordinator Contact Alison (601) 984-3519
Anne McLeod Membership Services Associate Contact Anne (601) 984-3562
Blair White Graphic Designer – Digital and Print Media Contact Blair (601) 987-5659
Brittany Stamps Membership Services Associate Contact Brittany 800.946.9995 x3011
Cassie Mendrop Exec. Asst. & Special Initiatives Coord Contact Cassie (601) 984-3518
Christin Grissom Director of Scholarship Operations Contact Christin (601) 984-3539
Courtney Taylor Director of Philanthropy, Organizational Gifts Contact Courtney (601) 984-3577
Danya Stuart Key Services Consultant Contact Danya (601) 984-3522
Deborah Stamps Operations & Human Resources Adminstrator Contact Deborah (601) 984-3574
Deneen Graves Accounts Receivable Specialist Contact Deneen (601) 987-5525
Erin Cogswell Features Editor Contact Erin (601) 987-5533
Frances Bowers Financial Analyst Contact Frances (601) 984-3564
Fredrica Tyes Foundation Executive Assistant and Donor Services Coordinator Contact Fredrica (601) 984-3527
Heather Allen Scholarship Operations Coordinator Contact Heather (601) 987-5674
Heather Johnson Scholarship Developer and Prospect Researcher Contact Heather (601) 984-3560
Heather Schmidt Director of Membership Services and Regional and Chapter Development Contact Heather (601) 984-3647
Holly Peel Accounts Payable Specialist Contact Holly (601) 984-3563
Jason Quick Regional Website Developer Contact Jason (601) 984-3535
Jennifer Stanford Chief Student Engagement Officer Contact Jennifer (601) 984-3532
Josh Reid Associate Director of College and Transfer Relations Contact Josh (601) 987-5744
Katherine Scanlon Interim Manager, The Store Contact Katherine (601) 984-3578
Keondrick Brown Key Services Consultant-Division IV Contact Keondrick (601) 984-3572
Kim Wooten Key Services Consultant-Div I Contact Kim (601) 984-3524
Kristin Ware Scholarship Operations Specialist Contact Kristin (601) 984-3540
Laurie Brown Scholarship Operations Specialist Contact Laurie (601) 987-5544
Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner President & CEO Contact Lynn (601) 987-5498
Meagan Myers Conference Services Coordinator Contact Meagan (601) 984-3530
Melissa Mayer Public Relations Coordinator/Staff Writer Contact Melissa (601) 984-3684
Melissa Price Membership Services Senior Specialist Contact Melissa (601) 984-3557
Mia Ramos-Shirley AD of Regional and Chapter Development-Division III Contact Mia (601) 984-3628
Monika Byrd Dean of Leadership Dev. & Service Learning Contact Monika (601) 984-3538
Onjalai Flake AD of Regional & Chapter Dev. Div. I Contact Onjalai (601) 987-5740
Paige Chandler Director of Financial Services Contact Paige (601) 987-5673
Paige Still Key Services Consultant-Division III Contact Paige (601) 984-3554
Philip Dixon Website Developer Contact Philip (601) 984-3580
Renee Culpepper Social Media Coordinator Contact Renee (601) 984-3526
Sarah Reynolds Associate Director of College and Transfer Relations contact Sarah (601) 987-5634
Saralyn Quinn Senior Director, Operations & Human Resources Contact Saralyn (601) 984-3514
Stacey Griffith Director of Marketing and Communications Contact Stacey (601) 984-3616
Stacy Nelson Recognition Services Sales Coordinator Contact Stacy (601) 984-3575
Steve Mulhollen Chief Financial Officer Contact Steve (601) 984-3565
Susan Booth Conference Services Administrator Contact Susan (601) 984-3521
Susan Edwards Dean of Academic Affairs & Honors Programs Contact Susan (601) 984-3541
Dr. Susan Scaggs Vice President of Membership and Student Engagement Contact Susan (601) 984-3534
Tammy Harvey Conference Services Administrator Contact Tammy (601) 984-3570
Tracee Walker Content Editor Contact Tracee (601) 984-3685
Tracy Kleven Marketing & Communications Project Manager Contact Tracy (601) 987-5547
Tria Cohen Key Services Manager Contact Tria (601) 984-3515
Vickie Embry Financial Services Supervisor Contact Vickie (601) 987-5626
Wendy Giammarco Director of Conference Services Contact Wendy (601) 984-3558
We will be performing routine maintenance Thursday, February 23rd from 5 pm - 8 pm CT. You may experience interruptions in service at that time. We apologize for any inconvenience.