Each One, Help One: Let's Reach 500

Andrew Porter

My fellow International Officers and I are excited to be part of the launch of the Golden Opportunity Scholarship. Like no other scholarship in Phi Theta Kappa's history, this scholarship creates opportunities for us to share the Phi Theta Kappa Experience with more students.

Thanks to the generosity of members, advisors, alumni, friends and corporate donors, the first Golden Opportunity Scholarships will be awarded this fall. While this is a fantastic start, we need your help to sustain the program over time.

To keep the momentum going, our International Officer Team set a goal to raise the funds for 500 Golden Opportunity Scholarships by our annual convention PTK Catalyst 2017, April 6-8. With your help, we know we can do it!

If you have experienced the life-changing benefits of membership yourself or witnessed the affects of membership in the life of a friend, family member or student, please consider a small monthly commitment of support to help us reach our goal. Together let's each one, help one!

Thank you,

Andrew Porter
2016-2017 International President

Give the Gift of Membership

Sara Hwang Sara Hwang

“Fortunately, my college sponsored my membership fee. If it wasn't for their generosity, I would not be where I am today. I hope every student eligible to join but unable to because of financial barriers can take advantage of the Golden Opportunity Scholarship.”

Sara Hwang
International Vice President, Division 1

Ashlynne Banks Ashlynne Banks

“The Golden Opportunity Scholarship affects the students that need it most. Students struggling financially do not need another expense, but they desperately need the opportunities and support that Phi Theta Kappa offers. I'm so excited to see our organization grow to include them.”

Ashlynn Banks
International Vice President, Division 2

Sydney Pemberton Sydney Pemberton

“Supporting the Golden Opportunity Scholarship gives the gift of membership to more students who may not have been able to join, giving them ability to further themselves in the classroom, in an interview and in the community.”

Sydney Pemberton
International Vice President, Division 3

Alexa Greer Alexa Greer

“We offer over $37 million dollars in transfer scholarships to our members. This means students who are low-income may have opportunities to have their college experience paid for, but they have to get their foot in the door first. This is where the Golden Opportunity Scholarship comes in!”

Alexa Greer
International Vice President, Division 4

Small Gifts Equal Big Results for Deserving Students

Make Phi Theta Kappa membership accessible for more deserving students when you commit to a recurring, monthly gift of $5 in support of the Golden Opportunity Scholarship.

Your gift opens the door to life-changing opportunities through membership that students would otherwise miss and ensures their success.

Give the Gift of Membership

Spread the Word & Build Support

The Golden Opportunity Scholarship Toolkit