Five Star Competitive Edge

Please Note: Watch for a new-and-improved version of Competitive Edge coming in Fall 2015.

Have you got the edge?

Get a leg up on the competition for scholarships, transferring and your dream job. Your college classes are only part of your education. Soft skills - such as communication, professional etiquette, team building and critical thinking - are just as important and can give you an advantage over others.

The Professional Development Plan Includes:

  • Instructional videos by experts on critical thinking, scholarship application tips, professional etiquette, overcoming speech anxiety and more
  • Activities to strengthen soft skills, completed individually or with your chapter
  • An Online Portfolio, a central location for posting leadership and service experience, awards/honors and photos/videos of accomplishments; share your portfolio with those writing letters of recommendation, potential employers, scholarship providers, college admissions officials and others
  • A Professional Resume, step-by-step instructions for creating a professional resume

Download the Competitive Edge Flyer

What Members Are Saying

"I love the Mahara [online portfolio]. The Five Star Competitive Edge is a wonderful tool for me as a very active member of my chapter. I know this will benefit other active members of Phi Theta Kappa."
Cammie Casarez, Grayson County College, Texas

"I am a new member and I have just begun on the electives and quizzes and I am really having fun. I love the challenges that it gives me."
Ruth Odhiambo, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado

"I'm almost halfway done with the first level and I am very glad that I started this. I really believe that this program will drive me to work harder and achieve extraordinary things!"
Jason Giangrosso, Copiah-Lincoln Community College, Mississippi