2019 Hallmark Awards Entry Questions and Rubrics will be available by August 2018. For the 2019 Hallmark Awards, chapters may write about their activities completed from January to December 2018. Awards will be presented at Phi Theta Kappa’s annual convention, PTK Catalyst, in Orlando, Florida, April 4-6, 2019.

Regional Awards for Excellence

The purpose of the Regional Awards for Excellence is to highlight the work in the 29 Regions of Phi Theta Kappa. Regions may submit one entry in up to three categories: Scholarship; Leadership; Service; Fellowship; College Completion; Transfer Readiness; Career Readiness; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Membership Recruitment; and Chapter Engagement. Entries should be written by regional officers in collaboration with the regional coordinator, associate regional coordinator, and/or regional advisory council/board. Up to five awards in each category may be presented during PTK Catalyst 2019, April 4-6, in Orlando, Florida.

Regional Awards for Excellence Roadmap and Evaluation Rubric

Distinguished Regional Officer Team Awards

Regional Coordinators may nominate their entire regional officer team for the Distinguished Regional Officer Team Award. As many as 3 regional officer teams may be recognized each year.

2018 Regional Officer Team Award Application and Judging Rubrics

Distinguished Regional Officer Awards

Regional Coordinators may nominate up to two individual regional officers for the Distinguished Regional Officer Award. As many as 10 regional officers may be recognized each year. A student may receive this award only once.

2018 Regional Officer Award Application and Judging Rubrics

Distinguished Regional Coordinator Awards

Distinguished Regional Coordinators are selected by the Society's executive staff. Selection will be based on coordinators': encouragement, fellowship and continuity provided to chapters within the region; assistance provided in planning and implementing regional meetings; facilitation of attendance at international meetings by chapters in their region; and orientation, motivation and direction provided to chapter advisors and regional officers. Each recipient must have served the Society as a coordinator for a minimum of five years. As many as three recipients may be named each year. A Distinguished Regional Coordinator may be eligible again for the award after 10 years.

Regional Coordinator Distinguished Service Awards

A retiring Regional Coordinator who has served less than five years and has demonstrated exemplary leadership and service may be recognized with the Regional Coordinator Distinguished Service Award.

Regional Coordinator Emeritus Awards

A retiring Regional Coordinator with five years or more of service, with an outstanding record of leading the region and supporting the mission of Phi Theta Kappa, may be recognized as a Regional Coordinator Emeritus.