Honors in Action Webinar

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1:00 - 2:30pm CST

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Utilizing Honors in Action as a Powerful Strategy for Increasing Student Success

Primarily for Phi Theta Kappa Chapter Advisors

Presented by:
Phi Theta Kappa’s Deans Susan Edwards, Monika Byrd and Jeff Edwards collectively have more than 30 years of experience as Phi Theta Kappa chapter advisors and community college instructors. As Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters Staff Members, they lead the committee that develops the biennial Honors Study Topic that is the foundation of Honors in Action. Chief Student Engagement Officer Jennifer Stanford and the Deans will share how and why the Honors in Action Program is vital to the Society’s mission of increasing student success.


Participants will get a behind-the-scenes look of how the Honors Study Topic is chosen, and learn practical tips for coaching their chapters’ Honors in Action Projects for maximum impact. Phi Theta Kappa's Honors in Action Program has clear connections to the Community College Survey of Student Engagement benchmarks that that are proven strategies to increase student success and ultimately college completion: Active and Collaborative Learning, Student Effort, Academic Challenge, Student-Faculty Interaction, and Support for Learners. Using a multidisciplinary topic, Phi Theta Kappa members and their peers are engaged in academic inquiry, problem-solving, and the exercise of leadership that is always current and relevant to real-world, complex challenges. Students enhance marketable skills required for success in college and valued by employers — such as oral and written communication, teamwork, critical thinking and professional etiquette.