Honors in Action: Step-By-Step

Step One

Read the Honors Program Guide and choose one of its 10 themes. Keep reflective journals, minutes, or notes at each step, describing the process used to select your theme. Develop objectives related to your investigation of the Honors Study Topic.

Step Two

Each theme has a series of Questions to Consider. Consider choosing one or more of these questions as a focus for research or create your own based on the theme.

Step Three

Research the theme. Use at least 8-10 good-quality academic resources (academic or professional journal articles, books by academic/ professional experts) and interviews with experts that highlight various ideas, perspectives and ways to approach the theme.

Step Four

After researching, develop conclusions regarding the theme. Develop objectives or goals resulting from these research conclusions — what can the chapter do to address a need at the college or in the community?

Step Five

Develop a project plan and objectives that include the chapter's:

  • process that will be used for meeting your objectives,
  • leadership roles of individual chapter members and of the chapter as a group in meeting these objectives,
  • groups with which the chapter will collaborate leadership development actions and/or events used for training the chapter and its Honors in Action Project leaders specifically to successfully develop the action component, and
  • the action component that addresses a need or needs at the college or in the community.


Step Six

Carry out the plan. Evaluate regularly as you go along and make adjustments as necessary, and assess the results and consider future possibilities.

Step Seven

Write the results — using your journal and judging rubrics — for the Hallmark Awards (reflection).