Success Story: Tina Howell

Tina Howell
Beta Theta Chi Chapter
Grossmont College

I turned 47 on July 9, 2011, and I can honestly say that Phi Theta Kappa has empowered me to not only decide to work towards a degree but also to move even higher and obtain my bachelor’s. Phi Theta Kappa has empowered me to take chances and to speak up, where once I would have kept silent. The Five Star Competitive Edge has helped me to formulate and implement proven leadership skills. The biggest empowerment that Phi Theta Kappa has given me is pride in my accomplishments and a true commitment to strive further than my own backyard. With Phi Theta Kappa I have a strong network of peers to cheer me on. I believe that the empowerment not only comes from walking through life’s difficulties, but walking with others who are striving for the same goal. That is the true source of Phi Theta’s Kappa’s empowerment. Your peers don’t just tell you “congratulations,” they grow with you and help to build a road to success.