Chartering Process

  1. Send signed Charter Petition and Information Form to Phi Theta Kappa.
    Chartering Petition
    The Charter Petition and Information Form (Word document) verifies that the college meets the qualifications to charter, that the advisors have been officially appointed by the college administration and that the institution is committed to chartering a chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

  2. Send $500 (USD) chartering fee to Phi Theta Kappa contact.
    This one-time chartering fee covers materials and travel costs incurred during the chartering process. Please contact us if you require an invoice.

    Send the signed Charter Petition and Information Form and the chartering fee to:

    Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
    Center for Excellence
    1625 Eastover Drive
    Jackson, MS 39211

  3. Receive chapter name
    Every chapter receives their own name to identify their campus and members. Chapter names are assigned in alphabetical order.

  4. Submit Chapter Bylaws.
    Having chapter bylaws approved and on file at Headquarters is a requirement for every Phi Theta Kappa chapter. Your chapter's governing document not only helps you govern your chapter today, but it also provides guidance for future chapter officers and advisors.
    Sample Chapter Bylaws

  5. Receive Personal Assistant Manager (PAM) orientation.
    Phi Theta Kappa is pleased to offer a PAM orientation session for chartering advisors. PAM is useful for reporting members and is your virtual assistant.

  6. Identify eligible members and report the number to the Phi Theta Kappa contact.
    Obtain a file of students eligible for Phi Theta Kappa membership from the college registrar. A fixed-width or comma delimited file allows Phi Theta Kappa advisors to very quickly and easily report new members to our Headquarters. Inform your chartering contact of the number of eligible students to receive adequate Membership Benefits Brochures and posters. At least 10 students must accept membership to charter the chapter.

  7. Appoint and report eligible members as charter officers.
    It is proven that appointing students as chartering officers benefits the chapter during the chartering process. These chartering officers help during the chartering process, developing their leadership skills while becoming involved in the organization. Members that show great promise as a leader to the chapter are ideal to appoint. Once the chapter has chartered the membership will then hold an election for chapter officers. Report your chapter's chartering officers in PAM.

  8. Submit potential orientation dates and times to Phi Theta Kappa contact.
    A Phi Theta Kappa representative will attend your chapter's first orientation. Submit your potential dates and times at least three weeks in advance of your orientation to ensure that a representative can at the times you have requested.

  9. Receive orientation materials.
    Once an orientation date has been set and the number of eligible students reported, your chapter receives Membership Benefits Brochures, posters, and other materials that explain the benefits of Phi Theta Kappa. These materials can be distributed and displayed throughout campus to excite students about the newly developed organization on campus.

  10. Set a membership application deadline.
    Allow students time to make their decision about accepting membership keeping in mind that members must be reported prior to the chartering ceremony.

  11. Customize sample membership invitation letter.
    A sample membership invitation letter is available online. All eligible students should be sent a membership invitation from your college president.

  12. Mail invitation letter to eligible members.
    Along with the invitation letter containing each eligible student's online membership acceptance passcode, send out a Membership Benefit Brochure to each prospective member. The brochure ensures every eligible student is aware of the full benefits of membership.

  13. Conduct new member orientation for eligible members.
    At the orientation a Phi Theta Kappa representative explains the benefits of membership to eligible students. Guidelines and suggestions for preparing and conducting an effective orientation can be found online.

  14. Report new members
    Members will complete the membership application and pay membership fees through online membership acceptance with the passcode provided in the invitation letter. After being reported, members will receive a welcome email with a username and password to access benefits and receive a membership packet containing their certificate, Golden Key pin, Membership Benefits and Scholarship Guide, and a Recognitions catalog. View all benefits here.

  15. Mail chartering ceremony invitations to new members
    Create and mail invitations to the chartering ceremony to all new members. You should also invite College President/CEO, college administration and faculty to celebrate the foundation of your Phi Theta Kappa chapter. We will send a representative to attend your ceremony to present the charter to the College President/CEO. The induction ceremony is followed immediately after the chartering.

  16. Set Five Star Chapter Development Plan goal
    We want your chapter to begin on the right foot by setting a goal. The Five Star Chapter Development Plan guides each chapter through the process of becoming an active and engaged chapter. This plan serves as a blueprint for developing a strong chapter and for earning local, regional, and international recognition. Participation encourages excellence and recognizes progress in the attainment of goals set by the chapter. Using the Five Star Chapter Development Plan as a guide to success, chapters can enhance their working relationship with the college administration by becoming active on the campus and in the community. Conduct a chapter meeting prior to the chartering ceremony to set your goal for the year. For more information on the Five Star Chapter Development Plan, visit the website or contact Key Services.

  17. Receive chartering materials
    Prior to your chartering ceremony, you will receive a packet containing your official charter, diploma seals, a transcript stamp, your chapter notebook, and chapter plaque.

  18. Conduct chartering ceremony
    The chartering ceremony is when your charter will be officially presented to your college president or campus CEO and your chapter's first members will be inducted. The Phi Theta Kappa representative will present the charter and serves as the guest speaker at the ceremony. Refer to online for complete guidelines and suggestions that will help you to prepare an impressive ceremony.