AMSA Offers Conference Discounts for Pre-Med Students

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is offering special discounted registration rates for Phi Theta Kappa members interested in attending its upcoming fall events.

AMSA is a national student-run organization that represents physicians-in-training. Its members include premedical students, medical students and interns. Joey Johnson, an alumnus from Georgia Highlands College, is the 2016 President-Elect of the organization. He will begin his term as President in May 2017.

Johnson is a first-generation college student. After high school, he worked in a factory for five years before realizing he needed a change. He joined Phi Theta Kappa in 2007 and served as both a chapter and regional officer.

He also earned a full-ride scholarship to Shorter University in Georgia through his Phi Theta Kappa membership.

“Being a great academic organization, not only would it offer opportunities to meet other students who were currently en route on their academic journeys, but it would also offer opportunities to meet members who were already working in their careers,” he said.

“Learning from others is always a valuable experience; and when you are all part of a great organization with unified goals, you also learn a lot about yourself and how you work as a team player.”

Johnson often works with pre-med students on their personal statements and resumes. He said he has seen students be accepted to medical school not only because of their grades but also because of the skills they possess and their volunteer work in the community.

And, he added, attending events such as those being hosted by AMSA this fall give students the opportunity to “gain invaluable insight and skills to succeed along the long path to becoming a physician.”

“This is why organizations like PTK and AMSA are enormous additions to anyone’s life who is taking the pre-med route,” Johnson said. “They will not be sorry for being active in either organization. I can promise them that.”

Phi Theta Kappa members will receive discounts to these upcoming AMSA events.

October 1-2, Tampa, Florida

PremedFest gives you the opportunity to talk with medical students and doctors about the reality of becoming a physician. Both days feature sessions on a variety of topics such as MCAT practice problems and interview tips, and the end goal is to help you get into medical school.

Use PTK17 to receive a discounted rate of $25 for AMSA members and $45 for non-members.

Sessions include:

Making the Transition to Med School
Is a Dual Degree for you?
5 Truths about Med School
MD or MO: Which is Right for You?

Johnson is leading a special session called “The Community College Advantage,” and he will also give a workshop on crafting a personal statement.

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AMSA 2016 Fall Conferences
October 15-16, San Juan, Puerto Rico
November 19-20, New York, New York

The AMSA Fall Conferences let you network with medical students and practicing physicians so you can learn how to best position yourself for acceptance into medical school. Learn trends in the medical industry and strengthen communication skills that will help you connect with future patients.

Use PTK17 to receive a discounted rate of $49 for AMSA members and $69 for non-members.

Sessions include:

The Right Mindset for Residency
Effective Communication with Patients in Recovery
Don’t Blow Your Interview
Advanced Personal Statement Workshop

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