A Career Tech Educator Shares her PTK Experience

Phi Theta Kappa alumna Amy Whittington has recently been promoted to District Director of Career-Technical Education for Holmes Community College. Amy was inducted into the Kappa Alpha Chapter when she attended Holmes Community College’s Goodman campus, where she served as Vice President of Fellowship.

Below, Amy shares how Phi Theta Kappa impacted her life and why she believes PTK is for everyone — including career-technical students.

Q: How would you describe your Phi Theta Kappa experience?

A: It allowed me the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with other students at my school, while making a lasting contribution to our campus and community through service projects. Just being a member and putting that on your resume alone garners much prestige. It is a well-recognized honor society that has a respected mission. My time spent in Phi Theta Kappa at Holmes was so valuable to me in many ways.

Q: Did it shape your life in some way?

A: I would definitely say it had an impact on my life. The relationships formed and networking opportunities gained during my time in Phi Theta Kappa were invaluable. I was able to travel places in our state and our country and meet people that I would have otherwise never known.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job as District Director of Career-Technical Education?

A: What I value most about my job is having the opportunity to impact so many students at one time, through policy or campus decisions. My favorite part, though, is when students come to me with a problem, and we are able to make their dream of a college education real. In career technical education, our students are looking for not only an education, but also a career. Having the opportunity to make a lifelong impact and positive change for a person that could reach their entire family is really awesome!

Q: Currently the majority of Phi Theta Kappa members intend to transfer to a university to complete a baccalaureate degree. What would you say to students in technical programs about the value of participation in Phi Theta Kappa even if they don’t plan to transfer?

A: I would, and do, share with our career technical students that Phi Theta Kappa is about so much more than transfer. I strongly encourage all of our career technical students who are invited to join. For me, I truly believed it helped convert me from an introvert to an extrovert. I was so shy and quiet when I started my college career. My role in Kappa Alpha presented me with opportunities to help me develop both as a person and a scholar. The activities we held on campus or attended at a state level were always beneficial and value-added for me. It laid the foundation for my leadership skills. I am a proud alumna, and I share that with students every chance I get!

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