Why You Should Run for Regional Office

Regional officers are critical to Phi Theta Kappa — they serve as a crucial link between the chapters in their region and PTK Headquarters staff.

Most regions will elect new officers at upcoming spring conventions. If you’re interested in a leadership position, this may be the perfect fit — even if you’re a new member.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new member, if you’re a seasoned member or if you’re already a chapter officer — don’t doubt your leadership,” said Katty Vasquez, 2015-16 Kansas-Nebraska Northern District Vice President. “Don’t doubt what you can do.”

Patty Hawkins served as 2015-16 Wisconsin Regional President. She’d already held two leadership positions in her chapter, and she saw regional office as an opportunity to further develop her leadership skills and help other chapters in her region grow and become more active.

Officers set goals for their region’s participation in PTK programs. They attend chapter inductions and special events. They act as a resource for chapter officers. And, they plan and preside over regional meetings.

“When I started in this position, I did not realize I would learn as much as I have,” Hawkins said. “Being part of this team has helped me to understand the importance of working on a team that supports hundreds of members. We have set goals while learning and encouraging each other to succeed.”

The reasons to seek regional office are as varied as the positions’ responsibilities. Wisconsin Regional Coordinator Linda Duffy listed seven:

  1. Special regional officer training designed to help you understand your own strengths and develop as a leader
  2. Opportunities to work as a high-functioning team member helping to promote growth among the many chapters in your region
  3. Opportunities to plan, develop and present a workshop at one or more professional conferences
  4. Training on PTK programs that can benefit you and your chapter
  5. Opportunities for recognition at the regional and international levels
  6. Opportunities for travel within the region and to international events such as PTK Catalyst and Honors Institute
  7. Opportunity to earn a recommendation letter from your Regional Coordinator

Many of these reasons come with a bonus — they look great on a resume and can give you an edge when you’re competing for scholarships.

“The more you are involved in your chapter and region, the more likely you are to get free money,” said Sydney Pemberton, 2015-16 Kansas-Nebraska Southern District Vice President and 2016-17 International Vice President for Division 3. “Building your Phi Theta Kappa resume through leadership positions like this and service projects is key when filling out scholarship applications.

“Confidence, knowledge and teamwork are three characteristics you can gain just by running for regional positions.”

Learn more about serving as a regional officer.