The Centennial Coin Challenge

This year, as a part of Phi Theta Kappa’s 100th Birthday, we have planned a lot of “extras.” In the PTK Store, we have added limited-edition Centennial Graduation Regalia and other special limited-quantity items. PTK Catalyst in Kansas City is going to be much more than an annual convention — it is going to be the Party of the Century — with special events designed to make Phi Theta Kappa’s Centennial Celebration a memorable one.

As President and CEO, I wanted to find my own way to celebrate this milestone through the first part of Phi Theta Kappa’s mission — recognition — and was inspired by the idea of military challenge coins.

Challenge coins are small coins or tokens that are minted with an organization’s insignia or seal. Coins are often exchanged among members or given out as a note of gratitude or in recognition of a job well done.

As a part of Phi Theta Kappa’s Centennial Celebration, I have developed my own version of a challenge coin and will use it to recognize members and others demonstrating our hallmarks of leadership, service, scholarship, and fellowship at extraordinary levels during our centennial year. I will carry these coins as I travel to regions and chapters but will also leverage social media to identify members who are fulfilling our mission in exceptional ways. I look forward to recognizing many of you in this special way throughout this next year, and I challenge all of you to bring your best in leadership, service, scholarship, and fellowship during 2018.

This week I had an opportunity to give the first Centennial Coin to Kevin R. Braden, a former international officer, member of the Illinois Alumni Association, and donor. Kevin has such a heart for this organization, its activities, and members. He shows this every day through his active participation and support for all we do. Congratulations, Kevin!

Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner is president and CEO of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. If you would like to reach Lynn, please contact her liaison, Fredrica Tyes, at