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SNHU Accepts PTK Edge and LDS Courses for Credit

Phi Theta Kappa members now have exclusive access to professional training through PTK Edge courses and the Leadership Development Studies (LDS) program. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is now among one of the first universities in the nation to award college credit for completing these courses.

There are currently four course offerings available that are able to transfer to SNHU after successful completion.

PTK CourseSNHU Course Equivalent
PTK Leadership Development StudiesOrganizational Leadership Elective (3 Credits)
PTK Employment EDGEOrganizational Leadership Elective (3 Credits)
PTK Competitive EDGEGeneral Elective (2 Credits)
PTK Research EDGEGeneral Elective (2 Credits)

At its core, SNHU exists to remove barriers to accessible education. Partnering with PTK creates another unique opportunity to help students get credit where credit is due.

Here’s how:

  • 200+ online/campus programs. Whether you’re interested in technology, business administration with a specialized concentration, nursing or healthcare, SNHU has the program you need to develop into the leader you want to be.
  • Low tuition rates. As a nonprofit, your success is our bottom line. With online tuition frozen since 2012 and campus tuition dropping to a maximum of $15,000/year, we offer some of the lowest rates in the country.
  • PTK member discount. A 10% tuition reduction for eligible members, whether you’re on campus or online.
  • Generous transfer policy. SNHU accepts up to 90 credits towards bachelor’s degrees, including up to 10 credits for PTK EDGE and LDS courses – meaning you could start off with up to 75% of your program already completed.
  • No application fee. Period.

For a further breakdown of the PTK x SNHU partnership, you can review the informational webinar. Students who transfer in credits for experiences like PTK EDGE or LDS ultimately end up saving thousands of dollars and may reach their goals sooner. At SNHU, affordable degrees lead to goals achieved.

Take the PTK classes, get the SNHU credit. Learn more today.

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