Educational Forums Enhance NerdNation Experience

NerdNation 2014 features an array of Educational Forums that cover a wide range of topics and are designed specifically for Phi Theta Kappa members, advisors and alumni and college administrators. These forums, along with Marketplace Mini Sessions, explore the programs and opportunities unique to the Phi Theta Kappa Experience, as well as career, transfer and professional development themes that enhance student success. There truly is something for everyone.

Educational Forums are led by Society staff members, chapter advisors, members, alumni and partners, four-year college and student development professionals. Their skills are directly related to the forum discussions they are leading, so you know the information you are gaining is solid and sound.

"Participating in the Educational Forums is a must if you want the full NerdNation Experience," said Jennifer Stanford, Phi Theta Kappa's Chief Student Engagement Officer. "With more than 3,500 people in the General Sessions, the Ed Forums are where you'll be able to talk in a more intimate setting with the Headquarters staff, other expert presenters and, of course, like-minded Phi Theta Kappa members and advisors."

Five rounds of Educational Forums will be held:

  • Round 1: Thursday, April 24, 1:30-2:30 p.m.
  • Round 2: Thursday, April 24, 3-4 p.m.
  • Round 3: Friday, April 25, 8:30-9:30 a.m.
  • Round 4: Saturday, April 26, 10-11 a.m.
  • Round 5: Saturday, April 26, 1:45-2:45 p.m.

Approximately 75 forums will be presented during NerdNation 2014. Several are aimed specifically at chapter advisors.

"We especially want all advisors to participate in our ��Important HQ Updates' Ed Forum, offered four different times," Stanford said. "It's an opportunity to hear from us and let us hear from you."

2014 Educational Forums feature presentations by some very special guest speakers:

Crafting Your Story | Round 2 - Alumna and Pulitzer Prize-winner Mirta Ojito shares her best advice for storytellers wanting to pursue a career in writing. Find out how she began at Miami Dade and has gone on to publish her second successful book while teaching at the journalism school for one of America's most prestigious universities.

Confronting the Troublemaker in Your Chapter | Round 3 - CampusSpeak CEO T.J. Sullivan returns to the Annual Convention to challenge everyone to take responsibility for building a better, more responsible community and to find the courage to confront negative actions and attitudes from their fellow members. He will offer practical strategies for increasing the effectiveness of constructive confrontations.

The PASSION Project: Inspiring Students to Succeed | Round 4 - This Ed Forum is exclusively for Competitive Edge Members and features Kevin Snyder, who has helped thousands of student leaders take action to lead more fulfilling and passionate lives. The following questions will be explored: How can I become more enthusiastic about my life and future? Is living my dream possible? What is the true source of leadership, and how do I apply it to achieve my goals?

NASA: The Risks and Rewards of Exploring Outer Space | Round 5 - Russell R. Romanella, director of Safety and Mission Assurance at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, will present a first-hand look at the risks and rewards of exploring celestial frontiers. This presentation will prove to be a fascinating tie-in to our 2014/2015 Honors Study Topic, Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration.

The Triple S: Self Discovery, Stress Reduction and Strength Building | Round 5 - With more than a decade of experience working with college students, Erin Foley developed Triple-S, providing new students with applicable advice on how to make a strong start and then how to make the most of the college years. Specifically, she provides students with motivational and detailed information on how to embrace and take control of this time of self-discovery, how to implement stress-reduction strategies, and how to uncover and move toward their own personal strengths.

The full schedule of Educational Forums will be finalized soon, and more offerings will be explored in the coming weeks.

Keep up with all of the latest NerdNation 2014 news, and reserve your spot before it's too late!

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