Website Updates: February 19, 2016

We want to keep our constituents aware of important updates to our website. This week we are highlighting several additions made since our last post on December 3, 2015.

About Tab

Regional Coordinator Directory – a directory of contact information for Phi Theta Kappa’s regional coordinators and associate regional coordinators is now available from the main navigation of To access, click the “About” tab, and select the Regional Coordinators link listed under the “Society Leadership” heading, View Directory

Programs Tab

  • Five Star Chapter Plan – the 2016 Chapter Leaders Guide to Success and the 2016 Roadmap to Success Poster
  • Honors in Action – the section has been updated to include the 2016/2017 Honors Program Guide and a library of additional resources related to the 2016/2017 Honors Study Topic. View Honors in Action Info
  • International Honors Certificates – A section added to showcase Phi Theta Kappa’s newest offering of International Honors Certificates making available to community college honors students high-quality, online, international curricula. Learn More
  • Nota Bene – 2015 digital edition added. View

Events Tab

  • Advisor Pre-Conference – Information about a new professional development opportunity for Phi Theta Kappa advisors. View
  • Events Calendar – items are continuously being added to the events calendar. View Calendar
  • Honors Institute – Information on Honors Institute speakers, schedule and registration information have been posted. View
  • Leadership Development Faculty Certification – Registration for 2016 Leadership Certification Sessions open. View
  • NerdNation – Numerous updates have been made to the NerdNation site related to event programming. Information added includes keynote speakers, Academy schedule, Convention Competitions information and elections information. View

Scholarships Tab

  • Fulbright US Student Program scholarship information added. View
  • Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship information added View
  • Dreams over Disaster Scholarship information added View

My Society Tab (must be logged in to view)

Society Resources – Enhanced Membership Increases Membership Engagement, View Resource

Chapter Profile Page Redesign/Additions

  • Chapter address
  • Chapter attachments
  • Chapter's membership stats for last three years
  • Five Star chapter progress for current and previous year
  • Chapter information
  • Fee amount
  • Charter date
  • Tax id
  • Bylaws date
  • Website address
  • Enrollment dates
  • Five Star Progress with previous year's level reached
  • News archive list
  • Quick links to chapter financials/contact Info

Eligible Roster Page Updates

  • Update Add New Student/Committee Member Process
    • Replaces the "speed" form with updated pop-up form
    • Also available to Advisors when adding a new officer to their Officer Team Roster
  • Redesign of New Member Submission
    • Advisor can now select students and submit from the drop-down action list on eligible student’s roster without needing to select separate “Submit” page

Checkout Process Redesign

  • Advisors and Regional Coordinators can select which entity to charge their PTK Store items in cart during check out
  • Include all items when “Bill Me Later” is selected at checkout

Password Reset Page

  • Allow users to create logins if primary email exists on CUS record where no Web Credentials exist

Five Star Chapter Progress Form

  • Allows selection of different chapter from drop-down if advisor has multiple chapters
  • Stores and displays the values previously entered by the advisor for selected chapter

Bug Fixes

  • Hide "Save For Later" button on Item Details page when user is not logged in and viewing products

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