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Regions Put Grant Funds to Use

Regions Put Grant Funds to Use

From motivational speakers to experiential learning and a drummer's cafe, $110,000 in grants from the Center for Excellence strengthened local programming in 22 regions this fall.

Twenty-two of the 29 Phi Theta Kappa regions received grants of $5,000 each to supplement costs for conference programming and regional projects that will directly impact students in 2016-2017. View the list of regions receiving grants.

"With our grant, we brought in the Drum Café to conclude our 2016 Texas Honors Institute," explained Texas Regional Coordinator Debbra Esparza. "The conference ended by looking at theme two of the Honors Program, 'Individualism and Collectivism,' and this interactive presentation focused on the idea of the southern African proverb of UBUNTU —‘I am because we are.'

"All 403 people in attendance received a drum and participated in building an amazing community of drummers."

The Wisconsin Region used $3,000 of their grant to bring in teambuilding facilitators from the Kohler Experiential Learning Center for the keynote session and workshops on October 14. They plan to use the remaining funds for their regional convention.

"The students loved it, and we built our conference theme around it," said Wisconsin Regional Coordinator Linda Duffy. "It was educational and interactive and thoroughly enjoyable!"

Iowa Regional Coordinator Sima Dabir said their region used the funds to bring in an out-of-state motivational speaker, former national officer Matt Jones, as their keynote speaker for the Iowa Regional Leadership Conference, on October 7, 2016. Jones currently serves as State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor in Illinois. They hope to use the remainder of the money to bring another professional speaker for their spring regional convention or regional honors institute.

"Thank you so much for making this possible for our region by allocating the $5,000 to our region for the regional growth," Dabir said. "We appreciate all you do for all of our Phi Theta Kappa students."

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