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Spring Break? Nah…Spring Scholarships!

Spring Break? Nah…Spring Scholarships!

Editor’s Note: This post was written and submitted by Sydney Pemberton, International Vice President for Division 3.

Are you a Phi Theta Kappa member? Do you plan on returning to community college in the fall? Are you interested in free money? Well, do I have a deal for you!

The Spring Scholarship Application is now open! That means it’s time to get out your gold stars and show your stuff. The entire application is important, but there’s one place you really need to focus: the scholarship essays.

Scholarship essay writing is not easy, so here are just a few tips that will make the application process…easy? Well, less difficult.

1. List your achievements. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have the hardest time writing about myself. (Let alone making it sound worthy of award). What I have learned to do is create a word document and write down everything I have done, whether it was job positions, extracurricular activities, or community service. Having an outline of your accomplishments makes the writing process easier and helps you see how and where you stand out. If you need some help, check out this template.

2. Get a head start. I get it—we are scholars, busy doing scholarly things. Getting a jump start on the scholarship process will only make your life easier, and it’ll help you avoid the “one size fits all” essay that’s written when you run out of time. You really want to put the time and effort into this one to make it great; besides, this may be your only chance to win thousands of dollars.

3. This is all about you. When you do start writing, don't forget that the purpose of this essay is to convince the scholarship providers that you're the student they've been dreaming of. The evidence is in the details, so don’t hold back—this is your time to gloat about how awesome you are! Don’t be shy about sharing the specifics of your impact: how many, how much & how often.

4. Find an editor. No, spell check does not count. Take your essay to a good proof-reader, whether it's a parent, English professor, or your friend who likes to think they are the grammar police. Even some of the best-studied and passionately written essays can be derailed by spelling errors, awkward sentences, or those times you get a little comma happy. You've spent so much time looking at your words, it's easy to miss basic mistakes.

Scholarship essays are the biggest components of your application, but they can also be the biggest headache. Remember these tricks when you begin your application, and you could be on your way to earning big scholarships. Please just make sure your name is spelled right.    

More than $250,000 is now available on the Spring Scholarship Application. The app closes May 2 at 5:00 pm CST.

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