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Get to know PTK Catalyst Speaker Jamie Hyneman

Get to know PTK Catalyst Speaker Jamie Hyneman

A native of Marshall, Michigan, Jamie Hyneman admitted to being a “problematic kid,” who hitchhiked around the country when he was 14. After graduating from a high school in Columbus, Indiana, he earned a degree in Russian linguistics from Indiana University.

Hyneman pursued odd jobs, working as a certified dive master, machinist, and animal wrangler before starting a career in special effects work. One of his first jobs was on the set of Top Gun, although he didn’t receive a credit for it. He went on to provide special effects in commercials and served as an animatronics technician in a number of films.

In the mid-90s he created a combat robot and entered the Robot Wars competition with future Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage. Hyneman also started his own special effects company, M5 Industries.

MythBusters sought to test the legitimacy of popular assumptions through special effects tests and experiments. Using the scientific method, the co-hosts recreated the “myth” and showed it to be true or false.

The show quickly became one of the most popular programs on the Discovery Channel, running for 14 seasons before the departure of the two co-hosts.

Now, Hyneman and Savage are moving forward as executive producers for a brand new, as of yet untitled CBS TV series, which will combine action-adventure themes with realistic engineering and science.

Hyneman is also working on full-scale naval vessels for the United State and developing robots for fighting wildfires.

Whether it’s his the new television series or creating a brighter tomorrow through technology, Hyneman is sure to continue his stay in the limelight for the foreseeable future.

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