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PTK Catalyst is Over…So Now What?

PTK Catalyst is Over…So Now What?

PTK Catalyst is Over…So Now What?

If you are like me, you left PTK Catalyst 2017 energized and ready to take on the world; but after laundry and catching up on a few hundred emails, I am already beginning to ease back into daily life.

It’s easy to lose momentum, and I don’t want you to forget your commitments made for future chapter, regional or international officer candidacy; Hallmark Award domination; and strengthening the impact of PTK on your campus and in your community.

Over the course of my own 25-year career, I have attended conferences as both an attendee and as a presenter. Here are my suggestions for building on last week’s experience and carrying the impact of PTK Catalyst forward.

  1. Create a to-do list. Review the conference schedule to jog your memory and make a list of actions you plan to take following the conference. Set a complete-by date and hold yourself accountable.
  2. Schedule a team debrief. Almost 4,000 people attended PTK Catalyst—and each one had a totally unique experience. As soon as you can, sit down with your advisor and other members of your team, and discuss your individual key takeaways.
  3. Share the #PTKLove. Not every member of your chapter was able to attend PTK Catalyst. Present a conference summary with the other members of your chapter so they can benefit from your experience.
  4. Ask for Help. If you attended an educational forum that you think would benefit your chapter or campus, reach out to the presenter and ask for a copy of the presentation. If you don’t know how to contact the presenter, reach out to a PTK staff member for help.
  5. Take the Next Step. For many of you, the four-year college transfer fair may turn out to be a life-changing experience. If you met a college recruiter and had a conversation about transferring to their institution, follow up. Send an email or schedule a call to discuss the transfer scholarship opportunities available to you through Phi Theta Kappa.
  6. Get Social. Stay connected with the speakers you heard and members you met through Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Instragram, LinkedIn and other social media channels.
  7. Dollars for Scholars. If you received a scholarship or were recognized as a part of the Parade of Scholars, connect with PTK Scholarship Operations staff to find ways to connect with donors. Coca-Cola, the Oberndorf and Hites Families, Pearson, GEICO, Hurst and others would all love to hear about the impact of their gift on your life.
  8. Hug Your Advisor. Being a PTK advisor is rewarding work, but it isn’t always easy. Thank your advisor for getting you safely to and from PTK Catalyst and for their dedication to you and your chapter.
  9. Say Thank You. Getting to PTK Catalyst isn’t always easy. If you received financial support from your college president or from someone on your campus or community, send a thank you note or email. Include what you learned, how it impacted you, and how you plan to use it.
  10. Close the Loop by Giving Back. We believe in the power of being almost 100 years old, and we believe that our alumni are the key to another century of changing student lives. Stay involved with PTK even after you graduate. Find meaningful ways to stay connected to PTK by serving as a volunteer at the chapter, regional, or international level. Support scholarships and initiatives like the Golden Opportunity, which opens the door of membership to deserving students who cannot afford the cost to join. Volunteer with the PTK Foundation by participating in a donor phone drive or writing donor thank you notes. Serve as a career or college mentor to a member, as they transition to college or into the workforce.

Remember:  PTK Catalyst was meant be a spark in your life and to propel you forward professionally, personally, socially, and academically. You are a Catalyst—so be that, and make the world better than you already do.

Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner is President and CEO of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  To reach Lynn, please contact Cassie Mendrop at

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