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Explore Chicago to Learn How the World Works

Explore Chicago to Learn How the World Works

During the 2017 Honors Institute at Loyola University on June 5-10, participants will spend Wednesday investigating the city of Chicago with their seminar groups as part of the City As TextTM learning experience. Then, on Thursday, short presentations by the seminar groups will create a comprehensive overview of Chicago as a diverse, vibrant city and highlight the varied perspectives on “How the World Works.”

City As TextTM is an experiential learning opportunity created by educational theorist David A. Kolb, who wrote that “learning, change, and growth are seen to be facilitated best by an integrated process that begins with here-and-now experience followed by collection of data and observations about that experience.”

Wednesday morning’s general session will provide an orientation to ensure that all participants are prepared to engage in the City As TextTM experience. It will also include some historical and contemporary perspectives about Chicago and generate excitement for learning in-depth about a particular part of America’s “Second City.”

On Wednesday afternoon seminar groups will travel via Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA’s) red line, adjacent to the Loyola University’s Lake Shore Campus, to their specifically assigned (and safe) areas of the city. Faculty Scholars, advisors leading the seminar groups, selected their areas for exploration by lottery at January’s Faculty Scholar Conference.

At Thursday morning’s Sixth General Session, each seminar group will present a brief summary of its findings from walking around, observing, and talking with people who live and work in these neighborhoods. Exploring different areas of Chicago and hearing from each seminar group will offer participants meaningful insights into one of the United States’ great cities.

“A key component of the City As TextTM methodology involves dialogue among the participants and with the people in the area,” said Susan Edwards, Associate Vice President of Honors Programs and Learning. “Participants will discover differences in their personal observations and perspectives about the area and add depth to their exploration of an area through interactions with people who live and work there.”

City As TextTM strategies will include mapping, observing, listening, and reflecting.

The City As TextTM presentations make up the 2017 Blank Lecture, which honors Professor Robert Blank. Prior to his retirement, Blank was a history professor and Phi Theta Kappa chapter advisor at the State University of New York in Farmingdale and served as New England/Middle States Regional Coordinator.

Blank is a past chairman of the Phi Theta Kappa Board of Directors and served for many years as Honors Institute Coordinator. He was instrumental in developing the concept of seminar groups.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a place in an entirely new way. Learn more about Honors Institute, and register before May 12.

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