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Prepare for Your College Transfer Fair

Prepare for Your College Transfer Fair

If you’re planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, you need to start looking at schools now. Many colleges will host transfer fairs this fall — use this advice from Loyola University Chicago to make sure you’re prepared.

Start by asking if they offer a transfer scholarship exclusively for PTK members — more than 750 colleges do. Use this scholarship map and create a PTK Connect profile as you research options to find your best fit.

Next, ask yourself what qualities you find important in a college. Then, ask these questions to senior college representatives at your next transfer fair.


  • What majors do you offer?
  • Are advanced degrees (master’s, doctorate) offered?
  • Do you offer any technical or certificate programs? 
  • Can I enroll part-time, take courses in the late afternoon, evenings, weekends, or during the summer? 
  • Are there internship opportunities available on campus or in the community?
  • Do you have any honors programs for transfer students? 
  • What are your graduation and retention rates? 

Campus Community

  • Is your college located in an urban, suburban, or rural setting?
  • Are you on a semester or quarter system? When do classes begin?
  • What kinds of social, cultural, and recreational activities are available on the campus or in the community?
  • How diverse is your campus population?
  • Do you have a disability services office?
  • Will I need a car to get around? Does public transportation provide easy access to both the campus and community? 
  • How many students are enrolled in your institution? How many of the enrolled students are transfer students? 


  • How do I make arrangements to talk with someone further at your college to discuss enrollment opportunities?
  • How do I make arrangements to take a tour of your campus?
  • Do you have an open house program for prospective students? If so, when? Whom do I contact for more information?

Cost of Attendance

  • What is the cost of your institution, including tuition or registration fees, books and supplies, housing, parking, etc.?
  • When is payment due for those fees?
  • Do I have to send in a deposit to confirm my intention to enroll? If so, how much, and when? 

Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • When and how do I apply for financial aid? Do I apply for scholarships separately?
  • When will I be notified if I will or will not receive assistance?
  • Are there special kinds of assistance for students of diverse backgrounds?
  • Is it easy to get a part-time job on campus or in the community?

Applying for Admission

  • Where, when, and how can I apply to your university?
  • What is your application deadline? 
  • When do I have to submit transcripts, test scores, and other admission materials?
  • Does my major have any additional requirements? If so, what special requirements do I need?
  • If I’m not accepted in my major, what are my options? Can I change to another major? 

Admissions Requirements

  • What are your admission requirements for transfer students?
  • What is the admissions priority of transfer students from community colleges? From four-year colleges?
  • If I go to a community college first, will my credits transfer? How and when will I know?
  • Will a course in which I received a “D” grade count for transfer credit?
  • How do you determine my grade if I repeat a course?

Courtesy of 2017 Honors Institute Chapter Advisors Luncheon Sponsor Loyola University Chicago


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