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Katty Kay Gives a Glimpse of Global News Coverage

Katty Kay Gives a Glimpse of Global News Coverage

BBC World News America anchor Katty Kay gave NerdNation 2016 attendees a look at how coverage of the top news stories from around the world — from the civil war in Syria to the American presidential race — impact how the world works during the Third General Session on Friday afternoon.

“I think she did the best job of any news reporter I’ve ever heard of covering both sides of a controversial issue,” said Cassandra Meaker, a member of the Nu Pi Chapter at Sinclair Community College in Ohio. “It’s not just powerful when someone is able to do that, but it’s inspirational too.”

Kay has covered everything from the ending of apartheid in South America to the Kobe earthquake in Japan. She was at the Pentagon just 20 minutes after a hijacked airplane flew into the building.

Kay shared some comical tweets, letters and emails she has received from viewers. She also discussed the connectedness of the world today and how everyone — even residents of small villages in France, where her parents live — keep up with American politics.

Also during the Third General Session, the 10 International Officer Candidate Finalists presented their Honors Study Topic speeches. And, Individual Hallmark Award winners were recognized.

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