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Convention Competitions in the Fourth General Session

Convention Competitions in the Fourth General Session

During the Fourth General Session on Saturday, attendees were officially introduced to Phi Theta Kappa’s President and CEO Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner, who shared with the crowd that she is an educator who cares about students and student success. 

“I’m a nerd, like you,” she said. “We are all the same because we choose to do more. We seek out challenges. We expect more of ourselves. Let’s commit to each other to always do more than what is asked of us.”

The Fourth General Session opened with a Parade of Scholarship winners. It also recognized Beverley York, the winner of the NerdNation 2016 T-Shirt Design Competition. York is a member of the Beta Zeta Upsilon Chapter at Scott Community College in Iowa.

The winner of the Prepared Speech Competition, Stephen Holmes of the Alpha Gamma Alpha Chapter at Pikes Peak Community College, presented his speech on why someone should accept membership in Phi Theta Kappa.

The final round of the first NerdNation Scholar Bowl was played live on stage. The Blue Jackets — Bridget Brian, Nellie Schalasky and Heather Vaupel of the Alpha Theta Eta Chapter from Olney Central College in Illinois and Ahmed Shawhatti of the Alpha Xi Mu Chapter at Henry Ford College in Michigan — took the top prize.

“The students were so smart, and it was nice to know that I’m a part of this group of scholars,” said Elizabeth Wantland, a member of the Beta Zeta Mu Chapter from Western Iowa Tech Community College in Iowa. “I was following along, and I felt like one of the people on the stage. It shows that Phi Theta Kappa members have a lot of mental energy.”

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