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Phi Theta Kappa Issues Statement on Recent Legislation

Phi Theta Kappa Issues Statement on Recent Legislation

In the light of North Carolina’s enactment of House Bill 2 and Mississippi’s passage of House Bill 1523, we want to clarify Phi Theta Kappa’s position on these issues with the following statement:

Phi Theta Kappa's commitment to diversity and inclusion remains unwavering and our non-discrimination statement includes protection for gender identity and sexual orientation. Mississippi's new law will not impact Phi Theta Kappa's employment practices, educational programs or student activities in any way. Phi Theta Kappa remains committed to creating an inclusive environment for all members of the Society, community and visitors to the Center for Excellence.

The Board of Directors discussed this issue during their meeting on April 7 and determined that Phi Theta Kappa will honor contractual obligations that are already in place, but going forward will avoid signing contracts for events in states with laws that can be interpreted as biased toward any group.

Phi Theta Kappa is working with Wake Forest University to ensure a safe, welcoming environment for everyone at the upcoming Honors Institute. The university has provided the following information:

·    Wake Forest University’s non-discrimination statement includes gender identity and sexual orientation.

·    The University has released an official statement on the recent North Carolina legislation.

·    In addition, the city of Winston-Salem has joined several other North Carolina cities in issuing a resolution calling on the state legislature to reconsider the impact of the new law.

Phi Theta Kappa is also planning to incorporate the issues of inclusivity and diversity into the learning experience at Honors Institute. We hope that everyone will be able to attend so that we can explore these complex issues, and many others, together as a group. 

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