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PTK Members Focus of Cengage Study

PTK Members Focus of Cengage Study

Cengage Learning surveyed nearly 100 Phi Theta Kappa members during NerdNation 2015 in San Antonio, Texas, to learn more about the goals, study habits and challenges of honor students. The findings were recently published in a White Paper, A Frontline Look at Phi Theta Kappans’ Goals, Challenges, and Habits.

“Improving the student experience begins with a deep understanding of how students live and learn,” said Lori Schoenenberger, Senior Market Research Manager at Cengage Learning.

Survey respondents ranged from 17 to 66 years old and expressed a “desire for self-improvement and career satisfaction.” The survey also highlighted the integral role smartphones play in the students’ lives and shed light on the challenges members are facing — time management, balancing school, work and family obligations, and financing their education.

“Accepting that I can do it is my challenge,” one respondent said. “I am older than the other students. I have to work full time compared to a lot of my fellow students. I have a family. So I have to balance it all, and I have to tell people I can do it.”

The White Paper covers students’ responses on topics like note taking, procrastination, productive studying, what they like about school and what they like best about being members of Phi Theta Kappa. The conclusion? Phi Theta Kappa members’ study habits and challenges are the same as everyone else’s. But, there was one difference noted:

“At the same time, they demonstrate enthusiasm for, and dedication to, learning and personal development that is evidenced by their high grades and graduation rates as well as their focused career goals.”

Learn more, and read the White Paper (you must enter your email address for access).  

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