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5 Easy Ways to Convert Eligibles to Members

5 Easy Ways to Convert Eligibles to Members

It’s still early in 2019, but many students at your college have already received invitations to join Phi Theta Kappa this year. Time for you to get to work converting these eligible students into active members.

It’s easier than you think, and it’s important — more members equal stronger projects and more diversity for your chapter, and you’re giving more students access to exclusive scholarship and leadership opportunities. You’re also setting your chapter up to receive REACH Rewards. Meet or exceed a 15 percent acceptance rate, and you’ll earn free graduation stoles for your chapter.

(Side note: If you’re hoping to be named among the Top 10 Distinguished Chapters at the 2020 annual convention, you’re not eligible unless you’re also named a REACH chapter for your recruitment efforts in 2019. This is a change from previous years, so adding new members is more important than ever.)

How can you turn a prospective member into an active member? Don’t leave it up to chance — try one (or more!) of these simple ideas.

1. Offer Golden Opportunity Scholarships

The cost of membership is the top reason eligible students don’t join Phi Theta Kappa. That’s why we offer the Golden Opportunity Scholarship, which waives the $60 international membership fee. Students must be nominated by their chapter advisor for this scholarship, and the nomination period is open now through 5 p.m. CT on Monday, April 1.

  • Up to three students many be nominated per chapter
  • Part-time, full-time, and international students are eligible
  • Priority should be given to students who are financially needy

Your chapter can also offer its own version of a Golden Opportunity Scholarship. Work with your college president or Foundation to see if money is available to cover the cost of membership. Or, waive your local chapter fee for a limited time.

2. Participate in PTK Awareness Week

Our Spring Awareness Week is February 25-March 1. Chapters across the country will host recruitment events to talk up PTK and increase visibility on their campuses. Wear your PTK shirts all week, set up a table in a high-traffic area, hang posters, give away food — these are simple ways to make your Awareness Week membership blitz easy but effective.

You can also participate in our events:

  • February 25 — Live Kickoff on Facebook and Instagram | 12 p.m. CT
  • February 26 — Facebook and Instagram Live Membership Q&A | 3:30 p.m. CT
  • February 27 — Facebook and Instagram Live Membership Q&A | 7 p.m. CT
  • February 28 — Why Accept Membership Virtual Meeting | 4 p.m. CT
  • March 1 — Live drawing for prizes on Facebook and Instagram | 12 p.m. CT

Yes — prizes! Post a picture from your Awareness Week event on social media, mention @phithetakappa, and tag it #joinPTK, and you’ll be entered to win one of four Golden Opportunity Scholarships for your chapter.

3. Utilize the I AM PTK Toolkit

We developed the I AM PTK marketing materials for you. Download free posters, sticker templates, table tents, and recruitment cards to print, display, or distribute. Add our Facebook frame to your profile picture, or grab the sample social media posts and art and post them on all your networks.

There are also videos to download and recruitment best practices.

Or, go a step further and make it your own! We’ve seen chapters create their own versions of the I AM PTK posters with great success. Share your PTK story in your college’s newspaper.

4. Get Social

Social media, yes. Your chapter needs to have a presence on Facebook and Instagram at least. Ask current members to like and share your posts. Follow @phithetakappa to keep up with the latest news and to find content to post.

But get face-to-face social, too. The eligible students on your campus are excited to receive invitations, but they have questions. “What is PTK?” “What if I can’t afford it?” “As a member, what do I have to do?”

Host opportunities for prospective members to have their questions answered in person. It will make all the difference in the world — students want to hear from people they actually know. Keep office hours, talk PTK up in class, invite them to meetings.

5. Next Time, Work with Your College

Concerned you don’t have a good list of eligible students? Work with your school’s IT staff or Registrar to obtain a list of students who meet your chapter’s eligibility requirements. Include dual-enrolled, part-time, and one-year certificate students in your query. Email us if you need help getting your list or crafting language to use in your data request.

Membership invitations from you and your college are the most effective way to catch the eye of prospective members. If nothing else, see if your college administrators will lend their signature to your invitations.

Ask your college’s marketing department to post about your chapter on social media. Build a relationship with this department and share important dates and activities with them.

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