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Dr. Paul Stoltz Finds Plenty of GRIT at NerdNation 2016

Dr. Paul Stoltz Finds Plenty of GRIT at NerdNation 2016

Dr. Paul Stoltz admits it — he got schooled on GRIT at NerdNation 2016, Phi Theta Kappa’s annual convention.

Stoltz was the keynote speaker in the First General Session of NerdNation, which was held April 7-9 in National Harbor, Maryland. He recently shared his takeaways in a blog post for Pearson Higher Education.

From his post: “Feeling a little blah lately? I’ve got the perfect antidote. Go to a Phi Theta Kappa gathering! Trust me. It will cure what ails you, and probably boost both your faith in humanity and your outlook for the future, along the way.”

Stoltz is considered the world’s leading authority on the science and method of measuring and strengthening GRIT. He’s been featured in the world’s top media, and his chief priority is applying his experience and research to students in their first year of college.

Pearson, a NerdNation sponsor and Phi Theta Kappa partner, sponsored Stoltz’s presentation.

In the post, Stoltz recounts conversations he had at NerdNation with various Phi Theta Kappa members about the challenges they have overcome and continue to face in their educational pursuit. And, he says those conversations and the experience overall reminded him that GRIT is “not a matter of personal circumstance, wealth or privilege.”

“Rather, it is a core trait in all of us that some people can harness and grow to achieve their dreams and to rise to new levels of success and accomplishment,” he wrote. “The world is looking brighter because of what (Phi Theta Kappa members) bring.”

Read more, and learn more about Dr. Paul Stoltz.

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