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70+ Videos to Inform and Inspire You

70+ Videos to Inform and Inspire You

One draw of attending our annual convention and Honors Institute is that it exposes you to a wide range of ideas you might never otherwise experience. Over the years, we’ve brought countless members face-to-face with celebrities, thought leaders, politicians, explorers, economists and more through these international events.

A private concert by Grammy-winner John Legend? Done. The chance to catch an autographed tennis ball from female sports pioneer Billie Jean King? Check. An intimate conversation with the female king of a small African village in Ghana? Yes, even that.

Of course, we know not everyone can attend convention and Honors Institute. That’s why we’ve made videos of these presentations available to all of you.

More than 70 videos from the last six years are waiting for you in the Competitive Edge library. Over 30 of them are from past convention and Honors Institute keynote speakers — including Dr. Paul Stoltz, Lord John Eatwell and Katty Kay from NerdNation 2016.

“The opportunity to hear from people like Dr. Sylvia Earle, Rachel Maddow, Dr. Michio Kaku and Malcolm Gladwell is a real benefit of Phi Theta Kappa membership,” said Jennifer Stanford, Chief Student Engagement Officer. “Our aim in all we do is to break you out of your comfort zone and expose you to new ideas and new ways of thinking so that you can continue to grow as leaders and scholars.”

Competitive Edge is our online course focused on soft skills and career planning. You’ll also find Honors Study Topic speeches from former International Officers; presentations from the Phi Theta Kappa Academy, Faculty Scholar Conferences and International Officer orientations; practical tips like overcoming speech anxiety and writing well; and tutorials on implementing a College Project and becoming a Five Star Chapter.

Summer is a great time to dive in and view presentations you may have missed, or you can revisit those you saw live. Be sure to bookmark the page and save your login credentials — new videos will be added each year as we continue to bring dynamic speakers and educators straight to you.

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