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Inspired to Succeed: Noah Griffin

Inspired to Succeed: Noah Griffin

Editor’s Note: This post has been submitted by Dallas Baptist University, a four-year college partner.

From the small town of Pittsburg, Texas, Noah Griffin was set on accomplishing big things.

Griffin began his college career at Northeast Texas Community College in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. During his two years at NTCC, he earned his Associate of Science in General Studies degree as a Presidential Honors Student.

Through the influence of his older brother, who served as the District III Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa’s Texas Region, and the guidance of his teachers and fellow honors students, Griffin decided to get involved with Phi Theta Kappa early in his college career. After careful consideration, he even decided to run for president of his chapter.

As president, the most impactful lesson that Griffin learned was the necessity of teamwork in any communal effort.

“As the president I was the official leader of my chapter, but as a person I was just as reliant on everyone else in the chapter as they were on me,” he said. “I could not have accomplished anything without the incredible people in my chapter and the advisors who made real sacrifices to serve our cause.”

From Phi Theta Kappa to Dallas Baptist University

While attending a Phi Theta Kappa convention, Griffin heard multiple presentations of colleges to attend after graduation from NTCC. His attention was drawn to Dallas Baptist University in Texas.

Though he did not have much interest initially, Griffin felt that God was pushing him to look into the university’s programs. He was struck by DBU’s close partnership with Phi Theta Kappa and the way DBU staff related to Phi Theta Kappa members. As soon as he could, he got on DBU’s website and began searching.

DBU’s music business degree caught Griffin’s attention, and he decided to apply. Originally, the Christian nature of the school was not a factor in his desire and decision to attend. However, after he got accepted into the school and experienced the orientation process, Griffin began to realize the value of what DBU strives for in its Christ-centered education. He appreciated the professors’ diligence to integrate faith with learning in every class they offered.

Griffin recently completed his second year at DBU, which he now calls his “home.” Over the course of his two years at DBU, Griffin has come to realize the gift that DBU is in his life and the opportunity he has had to grow as a student and a believer in Christ. The encouragement of the faculty and staff, as well as the student body, has made that possible.

A Hope and a Future

Griffin has learned many things during his time at DBU.

“The most special and precious thing God has taught me and is continuing to teach me through DBU is how to love and be loved,” he said. “The beautiful result is a place where God can use each of us to build each other up and help us experience Jesus in all His fullness.”

Griffin has found DBU to be a place of rest as well as a training ground in learning to minister to people in all stages of life.

After graduation, Griffin hopes to pursue music vocationally and desires to produce music that is enjoyable. He is excited to take everything he has learned in his time at DBU and apply it to the next chapter of his life.

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