Alumni Advisory Council

  • Kevin Braden

    Kevin Braden

  • Ebonee Carpenter

    Ebonee Carpenter

  • Sara Oswald

    Lindsay Moore

  • Sara Oswald

    Sara Oswald

  • Jeffrey Romeu

    Jeffrey Romeu

  • Kenneth Ruemke

    Kenneth Ruemke

  • FeiFei Zang

    FeiFei Zeng

Primary Goals

  • Scholarship: Support chapter leadership and membership by providing mentorship, guidance and education.
  • Leadership: Support increasing chapter and member involvement in Honors in Action programming by promoting and encouraging student leadership and development opportunities offered by Headquarters.
  • Service: Increase financial support of local and Society-wide scholarships for members to continue their education at community and senior colleges.
  • Fellowship: Facilitate quarterly networking opportunities for alumni and friends.


Priority Projects

Below are projects the AAC hope alumni and associations will consider. Contact the AAC at for guidance on how to best serve Phi Theta Kappa. Local needs and abilities vary throughout the Society. Share your association's goals with the AAC.

  • Support and promote the Community College Completion Initiative
  • Encourage and/ or provide financial assistance for Golden Opportunity Scholarships (awards to cover costs of induction).
  • Planning/Hosting College Fairs

Submit your ideas and suggestions to the Alumni Advisory Council members. Use the template for Association Mission, Goals, and Bylaws to plan for your Association.

Duties of Council Members

  • Serve as a liaison between alumni, alumni associations and Headquarters
  • Assist Headquarters staff in planning and coordinating program opportunities for alumni attending the Annual Convention
  • Provide advice and assistance on Society alumni issues and concerns to the Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters staff and to the Board of Directors
  • Participate in an annual meeting of the council held at the Annual Convention
  • Represent Headquarters, on occasion, at local and regional programs
  • Evaluate initiatives for possible international incorporation
  • Present program ideas that could be adopted by regional, senior institution and community-based associations
  • Support the Phi Theta Kappa Foundation