Honors Program

PTK Honors Program

Honors in Action (HIA) combines academic research, problem solving, and action-oriented service to address real-world challenges in our communities. Students gain job-related experience while creating lasting impacts in their communities as they engage in HIA.

Welcome to Honors in Action

The Honors in Action program is accessible, flexible, and scalable for all chapters regardless of differences like student majors, chapter size, or college size.

For many colleges, Phi Theta Kappa’s Honors in Action program also serves as the college’s honors program.

Gain Real-World Experience and Create a Lasting Impact

Use what you’re learning in the classroom to research and solve real-world challenges facing your college and community. Through Phi Theta Kappa’s exclusive honors program, Honors in Action, you’ll gain key skills that today’s employers want to see.

Set yourself apart as a leader on campus.

Learn to think critically and reflectively.

Learn to work as part of a team.

Collaborate with college and community leaders.

How Honors in Action Works

First, you’ll connect with your local chapter and other students like you to identify and research an issue on your campus or in your larger community. Then, you’ll turn that research into a plan of action by creating a project or event that meets a specific need in your area. You’ll expand your world view and be able to give back through service — a win win.

Your work could be published in Civic Scholar: Phi Theta Kappa Journal of Undergraduate Researchwhich is distributed nationally with support from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. It’s the first journal of its kind to feature work solely by community college students.

Honors in Action Resources

View the step-by-step process of how an Honors in Action project begins and becomes completed.

This guide provides some strategies for conducting research and evaluating sources.

Keeping a journal throughout the HIA project is an important tool to track what you learned, how you grew as scholars and leaders, and how you met your proposed project objectives.

The Honors in Action Grant Program supports student engagement in Honors in Action.

The HIA workbook is a roadmap to help chapters develop and implement a robust HIA project.

How to develop reach questions that are relevant to your chapter’s intellectual curiosities but that are also interdisciplinary and global.

Get started on finding the perfect Honors Study Topic theme for your HIA team.

Civic Scholar: Phi Theta Kappa Journal of Undergraduate Research is the first journal of its kind featuring substantive research and community engagement by community college scholars.

How HIA projects are scored according to academic rigor of research, service/action, and impact.

Review an example Honors in Action project.

Review the latest Film List for the current Honors Study Topic.

Part of PTK Edge, Research Edge teaches the principles of conducting scholarly research and best practies.