Anne-Marie McCartan, Ed.D.

What Community College Groundbreakers Can Teach Us About Career Development

April 21, 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Convention Center 2103 A-C

picture of Anne-Marie McCartan

Attention Competitive Edge Participants! This special event is JUST FOR YOU!

Those participating in Phi Theta Kappa's Competitive Edge professional development course, whether you've just started, have reached the Five Star Level or are somewhere in between, are invited to attend this special presentation during PTK Catalyst by higher education leader and author Dr. Anne-Marie McCartan. Dr. McCartan will speak and also sign copies of her book, Unexpected Influence: Women Who Shaped the Community College Movement.

Session Description

It is assumed wisdom that the best way to assure a successful career is to make plans for it. But what about if we look back in history for examples of people who became successful despite not planning out their careers in advance? We need look no further than the lives of 16 women who made major contributions to community colleges between 1930-1990. As young women, none envisioned she would go on to make her mark in community college education.

Among these extraordinary women is Phi Theta Kappa's very own Dr. Margaret Mosal, the Society's first Executive Director.

Major Outcomes to be Addressed:

  1. Learn about the women whose contributions still have an impact on community college education today.
  2. Consider the factors that helped them make singular contributions to their fields.
  3. Gain insights into how their career paths might shape your own future choices.

About Anne-Marie McCartan

Anne-Marie McCartan worked in the field of higher education for forty years. Her work in community colleges was at the state-policy level (with the California Community College System and the Virginia Community College System) and on the campuses of Rappahannock Community College, Richard Bland College, and Pima Community College, where she served as president of the Northwest Campus. In addition, she was on staff with the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia and the American Association of Higher Education. From 2006-2016, she was the Executive Director of the Council of Colleges of Arts & Sciences, a national association of university deans of arts and sciences based at The College of William & Mary.

Dr. McCartan holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and a Master's of Public Administration from the University of Washington and a Doctorate in Education from Harvard University. She enjoys writing and has authored Organizing Academic Colleges: A Guide for Deans (with co-author Bret Danilowicz) and Unexpected Influence: Women Who Shaped the Community College Movement; and co-edited (with Carl Strikwerda) Deans and Development: Making the Case for the Liberal Arts & Sciences. She resides in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband. They have two grown sons who live in the San Francisco Bay Area.