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Educational Forums

Educational Forums will be overflowing with opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally. The format will be fast, focused and engaging, so come prepared to learn and share.

Forums will be arranged in five tracks allowing participants to easily connect with the topics that best meet their needs. Here's a snapshot of what's to come.

Advisor Education Track

  • Engaging Your Chapter Using the LMS
  • Surviving the Shark Tank: Success through Networking and Fellowship
  • Follow Your Bliss: The Marshall Award!
  • Transfer Pathways Made Easy
  • New Kids on the Block: Step by Step Advisor Engagement
  • Engaging Students with Personal Finance
  • The Common App for transfer: One application, unlimited possibilities
  • Faculty--Partners and Advocates for your Chapter
  • Is Somebody Watching You or Is My “Private” Data Really Public?
  • One Chapter, Multiple Campuses
  • Peer Advising- A Peer to Peer Mentoring Program

Leadership Development Track

  • Participating in Your Chapter's HIA Project Can Lead to Success in Your Four-Year Degree
  • Nudging your way to a Hallmark Award
  • 10 Keys to Successful Leadership
  • Can you communicate as a leader?
  • Faculty Recognition Awards: Cause They're Kind of a Big Deal
  • From Information Overload to Information Literacy
  • Obsession and Selfishness: The Positive Side
  • PTK Leaders Who Dare to Take Risks
  • Team Dynamics the Improv Way
  • Failing Epically: Celebrating Lessons Learned
  • Who am I in Grandma’s Attic?
  • Honors in Action: Hear Everyone's Voice
  • Manage your Project - Don't let it manage you!
  • Better Brainstorming Through Improv
  • Each One, Tell One: Membership Recruitment
  • Honors in Action: Developing A Research Question
  • Effective Meetings 101
  • To Play or Not to Play, That is the Question: Ice Breakers and Teambuilders--Waste of Time Essential?
  • Can our chapter complete an award winning Honors Project entry - YES we can!
  • Influencing Leadership through Membership Expansion with Dual Credit Students
  • I'm Only Human!
  • Strategies for Developing Personal Vision and Matching Goals
  • Did You Stumble Over an Obstacle?
  • From the Club to the Classroom

Soft Skills Track

  • The Art of Engaging Conversations
  • More POWER to You
  • Come On Guys...How Old Are We?
  • Articulating Your Vision
  • Thinking Critically about the Rocks Beneath our Feet: Florida Limestone
  • Using Music to Set you Free!
  • Improve Your Thinking by Understanding How You Think
  • Master of My Own Happiness: Using Positive Psychology in Leadership
  • How to Promote Yourself
  • Overachiever and Stressed out?
  • Soft Skills. The Total Package!
  • Hey You! Wanna Fight? Conflict Styles and the Workplace
  • Communication: Without It, You're Leading Only Yourself
  • Credit: Everything You Need to Know
  • Money Myths & Facts
  • Judging Me/Judging You I: Credibility Through Effective Communication
  • Health At Every Size
  • Conflict Resolution 101: Building Cohesion Through Effective Communication
  • Managing Conflict: Practical Strategies
  • Relearning Your ABC's- Attitude Builds Confidence
  • Judging Me/Judging You II: The Impact of Non-verbal Communication
  • Post Career Planning: Incentives to Prepare for Retirement as a Major Life Transformation
  • Sharpening Soft Skills

Transfer Readiness Track

  • Transferring to the Ivy League
  • Transferring to an online program
  • Get Transfer Ready!
  • Polishing the Gemstones of Your College Life: Essays That Shine
  • Cheat sheet for successful transfer
  • The Common App for transfer: One application, unlimited possibilities
  • Admissions Armada: Navigating the Transfer Admissions Waters
  • Private School: An Affordable Transfer Alternative
  • Study Abroad: Is it Still a Choice for Transfers?
  • Acclimating to Life at a New School
  • Let's Go to College: Tips for Transfer
  • First U-Hafta-FAFSA
  • Undergraduate Research in STEM = washing glassware?
  • #Transferfriendly Reminders
  • The Transfer Process: What You Need to Know

Workforce Readiness Track

  • Confidence is Key: Interviewing for Success
  • Respectful Interaction: What the Humanities Can Teach Us
  • Managing Your Digital Footprint
  • How to Make Linkedin Work For You
  • Decoding Your Job Offer
  • Keeping Up! Résumés, Cover Letters, and Interviewing Tips
  • Tools to get into Nursing Program of your choice!