PTK Catalyst FAQs


What is the cost to attend convention?
The earlier you register, the cheaper it is!  Rates are as follows:

  • Through February 6 - $359
  • February 7 – March 13 - $409
  • Beginning March 14 - $459

Are convention registration fees refundable?
Yes.  Refund or cancelation requests must be submitted by March 13. 2019, using the Refund Request Form. All refunds and cancellations are charged a $50 per person fee. No refunds or cancelations will be considered after March 13, 2019. Once a registration has been submitted, all cancellation and refund policies apply.

Can I change a name on my registration?
Yes.  To change a name, email There is no charge to change names. Names must be changed by March 13, 2019. After that date, all attendees will be receiving an email to ensure they have submitted all dietary and physical needs.

Can I put in TBA names?
No, you must have names to register.

I just found out I can attend, but PTK Catalyst starts tomorrow.  Is it too late?
No. We are happy to assist you with registration onsite.

Am I able to attend without my advisor?
If your college allows you to attend without an advisor, you may.  Speak with your advisor to learn your college’s travel policies. 

Are there registration scholarships?
Yes, we offer scholarships to newly chartered chapters. Advisors who have never attended convention before can apply for a scholarship also. New advisor scholarships for 2019 have already been awarded, but if you think you qualify for a newly chartered chapter scholarship, reach out to your Divisional Specialist.

How do I register to participate in a PTK Catalyst Competition?
If you are a current member and are not running for International Office you can register for one of the PTK Catalyst Competitions.  Watch for more information on Catalyst Competitions coming soon!


What meals are included?
All attendees will have lunch Friday and dinner Saturday at the Catalyst Celebration. Advisors will also have breakfast on Saturday morning.

I have a food allergy/special meal request.  What do I do?
PTK is happy to accommodate reasonable dietary requests. The request must be received in writing by March 13, 2019.  Submit your request by email or complete the Special Needs Form. All attendees will receive an email in March, after the special needs deadline to determine that all needs have been received.

Are there restaurants close?
Yes, there are numerous restaurants inside the hotel. Each restaurant will have special menu pricing during PTK Catalyst with meals ranging from $8-$15. Menus coming soon!

Will the hotel accept checks?
Yes. You must reserve the room with a credit card, but you can pay with a different credit card or a check upon arrival. The check must be a college check.


Will there be Disney discounts?
There will be a special discount on Disney tickets for Friday night, April 5. The tickets are for use after 6:00 pm and may be purchased hereNote: Universal Studio Parks will be closed to the public on Friday night, April 5.   

Are there things to do other than Disney?
Yes! There are numerous other options for outings outside of the PTK Catalyst scheduled activities.

Is there an airport shuttle discount?
PTK will have an airport shuttle discount.  More information coming here on February 1.

I would like to exhibit in the Senior College Transfer Fair. What do I do?
Contact She will happy to provide more information on the college fairs.