2017 PTK Honors Institute

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Campus Info/Services

Campus Safety
Campus Safety Office phone number is 773-508-6039.

There is an emergency phone at the front desk of the resident halls that can be used to contact campus safety. There is a phone in most of the meeting spaces and classrooms that can be used to dial campus safety.

Campus Parking
Campus parking is $7.00 per day. Parking passes can be purchased at check-in or at the desk in Regis Hall.

There are public computers in the lobby of Regis Hall.

Copies can be made at the front desk of Regis Hall for .15 cents a page. For quantities larger than 50 you will need to go to an off campus print store.

Dorm Check-Out Procedure
Upon check-out dorm keys will need to be return to the front desk of your resident hall.

Linens will need to be dropped in bins located in the lobby of your dorm.

Trash will need to be deposited in Trash Rooms located on each floor of resident halls.

There is a charge of $250.00 for lost resident hall room keys and keys not returned.

There is a $100.00 fee if you are not checked out of your dorm room by 11:00 am on checkout day.

Dorm Lock-Out
Dorm lock-out is handled by the front desk of each resident hall. After the second lock-out there is a $50.00 fee.

Dorm Maintenance and Toilet Paper
Maintenance issues can be handled by the front desk located at the entrance of each dorm. This desk is monitored 24/7.

Community Kitchens
Regis Hall and San Francisco Hall have a community kitchen located in the floor lounges. Dorm rooms do not have refrigerators or microwaves.

There are laundry facilities in every dorm. A Courtesy Card has to be purchased at the Damen Student Union to use for the washer and dryer. The Courtesy Card machine is located on the first floor Value port locations and looks like an ATM machine. It cost $1.00 to purchase a card. Laundry is $1.25 per load for washer and $1.25 per load for dryer. The washers require high efficiency detergent.

Meal Cards
Your Honors Institute lanyard and name badge will serve as your meal card.

Conference guests are welcome to use the facilities at the Halas Sports Center and the indoor swimming pool. Cost is $12.00 per person, per day. The university does not provide towels or locker padlocks.

Smoking is not permitted inside campus buildings, including residence hall rooms, bathrooms or lounges. Smoking is not allowed within 15 feet of any building opening (including doors and windows).

Urgent Care Clinic
There is an Urgent Care Clinic located in the CVS on Granville Avenue and Broadway. The address is: 6150 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660. This CVS is located about ½ block south of campus.

Vending Machines
The vending machines on campus are programed to use student IDs for payment. If you need vending services there is a 24/7 store located at 6401 N. Sheridan Road.