2017 PTK Honors Institute

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Zero Tolerance Policy
The use of alcohol or illegal substances will not be tolerated during the Honors Institute or on the campus of Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus. Institute participants found using these substances will be required to leave the Institute at their own expense and college officials may be notified of their expulsion.

Personal and Property Safety
Neither Phi Theta Kappa nor Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus can be responsible for the safety of any items left in the residence hall rooms or in any campus building. Neither Phi Theta Kappa nor Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus can accept any responsibility for any mishap or incident occurring off-campus on either Explore More! Day, or at any other time.

Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus has no responsibility for the conduct of any program or activity offered by Phi Theta Kappa. Loyola University functions only as a site for the conference/camp and will provide many of the services specified for the conference/camp such as facilities, food and housing. The University assumes no responsibility for any damage, injury or loss to any person or property, from any cause whatsoever except to the extent such liability results from the sole negligence of Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus.

The Honors Institute is open only to Phi Theta Kappa members and advisors. Family members of participants cannot be accommodated in residence halls, at Institute meal functions or at any Institute events.

Speakers’ Views
The views expressed by the Institute speakers do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society or Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus.

Recording Speaker Presentations
Recording general sessions is prohibited. General Session speaker presentations will be available for viewing on ptk.org after the 2017 Honors Institute.