2017 PTK Honors Institute

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What to Bring

Attending Honors Institute will be different from other PTK events you've attended.

There are no hotels and room service here. You'll live in university dorms, dine in a cafeteria, share facilities with roommates and walk where you need to go.

Think of it as “roughing it” for a week or camping minus the outdoorsiness and wild animals. (Let’s hope!)

Whether you are a glamper, a minimalist or someone in between, experience tells us you'll probably want to bring some comforts from home to supplement what’s provided.

We’ve included a list of amenities provided by the university and suggestions of items you may want to bring.



The dorm rooms where attendees will stay are bare rooms including only a twin XL sized bed with mattress , desk, chest of drawers and an overhead light.

Attendees staying in the dorms will receive a linen package for the event including ONE of each of these items: pillow case, fitted sheet, flat sheet, lightweight blanket, pillow, towel and washcloth.

Often, Honors Institute attendees bring many of the following items with them to make their stay more comfortable.

  • extra linens - sheets (twin xl), towels and washcloths, bath mat, blanket
  • favorite pillow from home
  • clothing hangers
  • toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, etc.
  • makeup mirror
  • hair dryer
  • casual attire
  • athletic shoes or other comfortable walking shoes
  • backpack or tote bag
  • sunscreen and a hat (especially for Wednesday's exploration of the city)
  • umbrella or rain jacket
  • radio/tablet/phone/alarm for music, entertainment and/or alarm clock plus chargers
  • reading light
  • travel iron
  • first aid items – headache medication, bandages for blisters, regular medications
  • shower shoes
  • shower caddy for toiletries
  • coffee pot, coffee, condiments, cups
  • ear plugs
  • snacks
  • change for laundry and/or vending machines



Casual attire is appropriate for lectures and the City as Text Exploration of Chicago. No cut-off jeans, short shorts or athletic shorts or tops should be worn. T-shirts with offensive language are not appropriate wear for Honors Institute.

For Wednesday's City as Text Exploration of the city, attendees are encourage to wear any type of shirt with the Phi Theta Kapa name. Shirts from your region, your chapter or from the PTK Store are all acceptable. This will attendees spot other members of the Honors Institue group as we travel through the city.

Advisors occasionally wear slightly dressier attire on the day of the Advisor Luncheon, however, casual attire is fine here as well.


Average Weather for this Time of Year

Daytime Highs – low 70s
Nightime Lows – low 60s
Chance of rain each day