Andrew Porter

Phi Theta Kappa International President

General Session 1, Thursday, April 6, 8:00 pm

Andrew Porter is a United States Army veteran. After completing high school, he chose to serve his country as a soldier in the United States Army Reserve. He has been in the Army since January of 2009, and will complete his eight years of service in 2017.

In 2011, Porter spent nine months on a tour of duty in Iraq conducting interrogations in support of Operation New Dawn.

On deployment, Porter was awarded both the Army Commendation Medal and the Army Achievement Medal for exceptionally meritorious service. However, more important than the medals are the aspects he learned about himself in dealing with pressure and complexity, and the introspection as to what is important to his life. Returning to school and succeeding in academics instilled pride and confidence that Porter, too, would be successful in his pursuit of education. He became a member of Phi Theta Kappa in March 2015 and was immediately surrounded by a group of scholars who were welcoming and supportive of one another.

“I began to understand that opportunities were everywhere, and I had only to apply myself,” he said. “To this day, Phi Theta Kappa provides two of the most important factors to success: opportunity and encouragement.

“Since I have been a part of Phi Theta Kappa, I’ve learned a great deal, grown as a person and as a leader, and most of all forged many great relationships. I am proud to be a Phi Theta Kappan.”

Porter plans to graduate Valencia College upon completion of the spring term 2017 and transfer to a four-year university to continue his education and develop a career uniting international affairs, business and biotechnology. He is interested in the possibilities in store for the future of medical biotechnology pertaining to the impact on human lifespan and health span.

Andrew Porter