Completion Champions

Completion Champions

Please help us recognize "Completion Champions" - those who have helped and inspired your own completion achievements. We encourage you to make your gift in honor of a faculty member, advisor, family member or someone else who championed your educational goals. We will continue to honor Completion Champions with a card, on our website and in Visionary each spring.

With your help, we can create many more stories with happy endings.

Pattie Van Atter's Completion Story

Pattie Van Atter

Upon her acceptance of the 2013 Board of Directors Alumni Achievement Award, Middle States Regional Coordinator and Alumni Advisory Council Chair Pattie Van Atter told guests she had many champions in her life, the first of which was her grandmother. "She believed in me — she was my champion."

We ask that you follow Pattie Van Atter's advice and be someone's champion today — encourage, support, motivate — whatever it takes to push someone across the finish line to their dreams. Reach for another's hand, and be the champion they need to see.

One easy way to become someone's champion is by giving a gift in support of the Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship. Oberndorf Scholarships help Phi Theta Kappa members overcome unanticipated financial barriers preventing the completion of a college credential. Be a champion and give to the Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship today.

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