Planned Giving

Planned giving includes both outright and deferred gifts, both of which have tax advantages authorized by the Internal Revenue Service. Outright gifts include gifts of cash, securities or property. Deferred gifts involve the transfer of an asset to a charitable organization, allowing an individual to retain either income or the interest. Current tax laws permit several planning alternatives for deferred gifts allowing the donor to receive a charitable income, gift, or estate tax deduction.

If you are considering a planned gift, please consult with a financial advisor to look at Ways to Give and What to Give in your lifetime that may be advantageous not only to you and your family, but also to Phi Theta Kappa. There are many giving opportunities that support Phi Theta Kappa and allow you to play an integral role in shaping a bright future for deserving students.

See the latest issue of Visionary to view those who are making an impact in students' lives through planned gifts.

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