Military Service Honor Cords

picture of graduate in regalia and the new honor cord for veterans

We are proud to offer a complimentary Military Service Honor Cord to our members who are both active military members and veterans. This is our gift to you, in gratitude for your service to our country and in recognition of your achievements.

We invite you to wear the Military Service Honor Cord with your Phi Theta Kappa graduation regalia at your commencement ceremonies. There’s no need to place a special request — when you order Phi Theta Kappa graduation regalia, you’ll automatically receive the Military Service Honor Cord at no cost.

We are honored to have Phi Theta Kappa represented by scores of military service members and veterans across the United States. It is our hope that this small gift of appreciation will serve as a symbol to all of your unwavering dedication and commitment to this country and to your educational success.

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