Phi Theta Kappa Is

A community for high-achieving students

Recognition of your academic success

A path to the future you always wanted

Opportunities for personal and professional growth

Respected by college officials and potential employers

Exclusive, by invitation only

"When I started my business, I discovered the power of community colleges in society, and I’ve been a staunch advocate for them ever since. They are one of the most valuable assets in our society. And if you believe that, then you have to believe that Phi Theta Kappa is at the top of that pyramid."

Lou Oberndorf

Lou Oberndorf
Medical Education Technologies, Inc.

"Phi Theta Kappa students truly embody the skills needed to succeed today: GRIT, determination and an unparalleled passion for excellence and desire to make a difference. The definition of leadership!"

Andrea Shaw

Andrea Shaw
Director of Education
National Career Education

"Phi Theta Kappans bring a wealth of leadership, involvement and commitment to college campuses. They will not just be numbers, they will be leaders and impact campus both in and out of the classroom."

Neal Richardson

Neal Richardson
Associate Director of Admissions
Georgia Southern University

"These scholarships have changed my life because I have been able to achieve my goals without having to worry especially about the financial burdens that come with going to college."

Martina Mapa

Martina Mapa
2013 Hites Scholar
Tarrant County College, Texas

No matter where you are in your educational journey — or where you’re going —

the benefits of Phi Theta Kappa membership can help you achieve more.

  • Associate, Bachelor's and Master's Scholarships to help you complete your degree
  • Access to more than $37 million in transfer scholarships
  • Experiences to make you more competitive for non-PTK scholarships
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Online courses to build skills employers want
  • Leadership experience for your resume
  • Membership pin and certificate
  • Honors recognizing your achievements among your peers
  • Diploma seal
  • Notation of membership on your transcript
  • A place where you fit in
  • Tutoring and mentoring opportunities
  • Friendships that last a lifetime
  • Support from advisors and college administrators

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