Summer Sign-Up Photo Contest

Be part of our Summer Sign-Up by inviting eligible students to accept membership this summer and your chapter may be eligible to be featured in the prime spot on our home page banner! It's cool and easy.

COOL because you can:

  • Reward hardworking students with access to PTK benefits sooner -- no waiting until fall or missing out if summer is their last term.
  • Get closer to earning REACH Rewards. (Free graduation stoles & recognition for adding new members!)
  • Jumpstart chapter projects like Honors in Action and College Projects with more members to engage in your chapter.

EASY because:

  • No induction ceremony required - invite students joining in the summer to participate in your fall induction.
  • Just contact your PTK Divisional Specialist and provide a list of eligible students
  • Send your chapter photo, chapter name, and college name to with Summer Sign-Up Photo Contest in the subject line.

Deadline: The sooner you do these things, the greater your possibility of being selected, but last day to submit is July 31.

What makes a good banner photo?

First, it needs to be in landscape format, not portrait. So, that great selfie you took with your phone standing straight up won't work. 😞

And it's probably best if you leave a little extra room around the edges so we can crop it to the perfect size. So keep it loose, not too tight. As an example, here's a great photo of Chi Theta Chapter from Community College of Baltimore County - Essex Campus in Maryland showing us exactly how it's done.


Now that's a great banner photo. But here's what they originally sent us, leaving plenty of room to work with.


See how they keep it nice and loose? That makes it a lot easier to use, and a lot more likely to get on the front page of the website. So remember, no portrait oriented photos like this.


Just kidding. If you send us something that awesome we'll find a way to use it. But something landscape oriented works better.


That's more like it. Good luck!