Administrator Nomination Tips

The following examples highlight how college presidents and campus CEOs have made significant contributions to Phi Theta Kappa.

Chapters nominating college presidents and campus CEOs for the Shirley B. Gordon Award of Distinction or the Michael Bennett Lifetime Achievement Award should detail specific instances of support similar to these in their chapter's nomination materials.

Building a Solid Foundation for the Chapter

  • Played an instrumental role in the establishment of the chapter on campus
  • Personally recruited advisors for the chapter
  • Ensures that the chapter has strong support from the Student Services Division
  • Provides the chapter with an office, computer and telephone

Developing Scholarship Opportunities

  • Dedicates resources, staff and facilities to coordinate and host the state's All-State Academic Team Program
  • Works to secure funding to increase the number of scholarships available to All-State Academic Team members and Phi Theta Kappa members transferring to four-year colleges
  • Worked with International Headquarters' staff to establish Phi Theta Kappa transfer scholarships at four-year institutions

Funding Chapter Operations and Events

  • Provides a line-item budget for the chapter enabling the chapter to attend Phi Theta Kappa's regional and international meetings
  • Established a scholarship to fund the chapter's president attending the International Honors Institute
  • Continues to provide financial support to the chapter despite college's budget cuts

Supporting Phi Theta Kappa Programs

  • Supports chapter members' campaigns for regional and international officer positions
  • Co-teaches Phi Theta Kappa's Leadership Development Studies course on campus
  • Uses the Honors Study Topic as the subject of the college's honors colloquia
  • Stresses the importance of civic involvement by encouraging members to participate in the chapter activities

Increasing Visibility and Understanding

  • Regularly invites the chapter to share its accomplishments with the college's board of trustees
  • Assumes the role as the chapter's advocate by sharing the chapter's accomplishments and the benefits of membership with constituents