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Submission Deadline Extended to February 8, 2019

Alumni Association Award of Merit

The Alumni Association Award of Merit recognizes an alumni association (community-based, senior institution-based or region-based) that has been exemplary in meeting the mission of Phi Theta Kappa's Alumni Association and conducting outstanding programs for the benefit of Phi Theta Kappa members.

2019 Alumni Association Award of Merit Entry Form

Alumni Award of Appreciation

Phi Theta Kappa chapters and regions are encouraged to publicly show gratitude to supportive alumni by nominating an alumnus for the Award of Appreciation.

  • All alumni are eligible for nomination, regardless of affiliation with alumni associations or prior recognition for this award.
  • Attendance at the PTK Catalyst 2019 is not required for nomination or consideration for the award.
  • A region or chapter may nominate ONE alumnus annually.
  • An alumnus may be nominated more than once (in one year and following years).

Alumni Award of Appreciation Applications are available at

2019 Alumni Award of Appreciation Entry Questions