Hallmark Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Online applications will be available by mid-October. The rubrics and categories are currently available in PDF form at Hallmark Award Categories.

The deadlines are listed here.

All entries are due by 5:00 p.m. CST on the appropriate due date.


All advisors have immediate access to their chapter’s applications online at my.ptk.org. For an officer/member to be given access to the chapter’s applications, the advisor should report the member as a Hallmark Awards Chapter Delegate. See the instructions for How to Apply to learn how to report Hallmark Awards Delegate positions.

The team can be as large as the chapter advisor wishes, but it's better to keep teams small to make it easier to manage. The chapter advisor may choose only one person to be responsible for entering the content for the online application after it has been written and reviewed by the appropriate chapter leaders.

Yes, text can be copied and pasted into the application. However, if copying from MS Word, copy the text into Wordpad or notepad first and then copy into the application response area. This will eliminate any formatting that MS Word copies with the text. You may have to clean up some formatting of the text.

Options for formatting text within the online application software is currently not supported. Formatting will be removed from text that is pasted from another application.

Yes. Simply click on the "Download" button at the bottom of the screen for each application. Chapters are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to print the FINAL version of their application before submitting to HQ so that the chapter can archive their Hallmark Awards applications for future reference.

Each award category lists the appropriate author for each nomination form. For example, the Honors in Action Project Award can only be written by chapter members/officers. For Distinguished Chapter Officer, two nomination forms are required – from a chapter member or fellow officer and a chapter advisor.

No, the advisor no longer has to log in and certify the application. Advisors may log in at any time and view the content of the chapter’s applications.

Yes! The application can be updated as needed up until the specified application deadline.

Yes. A project can be a series of activities as long as their relevance to the project theme is clearly stated.

The Honors in Action Project and the College Project should not be the same because each one comes from a different source. The Honors in Action Project must be based on the chapter's research of a theme in the current Honors Study Topic. The College Project should be based on the college's goals, and should be determined through a collaborative meeting with the college administration.

Yes, chapters must include an annotated bibliography using formal APA citations. The entry allows for up to eight annotated academic sources. The annotation should be a brief description of HOW that particular source contributed significantly to the chapter’s research and informed the project’s action.

Yes, we recommend a mix of reliable academic sources – including scholarly print publications, academic online resources and academic interviews with individuals and/or organizations who are authorities in their field. For example, you may look at data from the World Bank site as you investigate resources that help your team answer your research question. While sites like the one for the World Bank are reliable sources, your team should go a step further and look for academic/expert articles or books that interpret World Bank data. Also, check out the "Identifying Suspicious Resources on the Internet" video through the Five Star Competitive Edge professional development plan.

Then choose the theme that best reflects your research question. To help choose the theme, consider the overarching question listed at the top of the first page in the Honors Program Guide at for each theme. Your project should in some way help answer that broad question. The research question your team developed will help you determine the connection to the theme. Check out page 26 in the Honors Program Guide for a helpful process to create a research question.

A member should be nominated for the Distinguished Chapter Officer Award if he or she held chapter office at any time between January and December of 2018. Only members who did not hold office between January and December 2018 should be nominated for the Distinguished Chapter Member Award.

No. If an advisor has a total of at least four years of service, he or she should be nominated for the Distinguished Advisor Award even if he or she left the chapter for a period of time and later resumed the advisor role. If an advisor has less than four years of service and has not previously received an international Advisor Award, he/she would be nominated for the Paragon Award.

An advisor who has already received a Distinguished Advisor Award is eligible for the Continued Excellence Award for Advisors. Once an advisor has received the Distinguished Advisor Award, he/she will be eligible for the Continued Excellence Award for Advisors the following year. Advisors are eligible to win this award every other year.

No. Active chapter advisors should be nominated for an advisor award for their support of the chapter as an advisor.