Regional Honors in Action Conference

small group meeting

To promote The Phi Theta Kappa Experience by equipping members and advisors to effectively communicate the benefits of membership and to implement Honors in Action by integrating the Hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. Some regions refer to this event as their Leadership Conference.

  • To investigate the Honors Study Topic from interdisciplinary perspectives and develop skills for collective and independent scholarly investigation.
  • To instruct constituents on how to incorporate scholarly inquiry/research, leadership, service learning and fellowship into Honors in Action projects.
  • To emphasize reflection of Honors in Action through journaling*, the Hallmark Awards and Five Star Chapter Development Plan.
  • To promote understanding and implementation of Honors in Action and the Society’s mission to impact the college, community and beyond.
  • To provide leadership opportunities for chapters, officers and advisors.
  • To promote the value of participation in Phi Theta Kappa programming for their marketable skills development necessary for college & career success.
  • To facilitate the open exchange of ideas and ideals and the development of intellectual empathy.
  • To conduct any necessary regional business.

* While chapters are NOT required to keep a journal, this method is strongly encouraged because 1) it helps chapters track their Honors in Action planning, research and activities (outcomes, who participated, how many individuals were reached, etc.) throughout the year which will then help them write better Hallmark Awards entries and submit Five Star Update Forms; 2) it reinforces service learning.