Regional Coordinator

  • Send a letter to the college president of the host chapter congratulating them as being selected as host of the event
  • Provide HQ with meeting information well in advance of regional meeting
  • Approve agenda/oversee planning
  • Disseminate information and promote attendance at regional meetings delegating effectively to empower other leaders
  • Attend and fully participate
  • Serve as goodwill ambassador for the Society
  • Encourage the development and growth of chapter officers and members
  • Orient and empower regional officers prior to and during the event
  • Be visible and keep the program schedule on track
  • Lead/Participate in the Advisors Meeting
  • Facilitate networking with advisors and/or sister chapters
  • Orient new advisors or appoint an Advisory Committee Member to conduct a session for new advisors
  • Recognize host chapter(s)
  • Meet with Regional Advisory Committee

Regional Officers

  • Participate in planning of conference agenda, examples include recommending speakers, workshop facilitators and topics, or planning fellowship activities
  • Jointly preside over general sessions
  • Assist Regional Coordinator/Associate Regional Coordinator/Host Chapters
  • Be a good steward of Phi Theta Kappa and goodwill ambassador
  • Be visible as a team and model nurturing teamwork
  • Encourage growth and development of chapter officers and members
  • Conduct the roll call
  • Present an educational forum
  • Introduce speakers - as assigned by Regional Coordinator


  • Contribute any special talents (a/v assistance, singing, etc.)
  • District reports
  • Assist in evaluation process
  • Wear matching polo or t-shirts on the first day or other designated time

Host Chapter

  • Actively participate in planning with Regional Coordinator and Regional Officers
  • Foster/nurture teamwork for the event
  • Invite college officials or representative of host institution
  • Help coordinate local logistics with Regional Coordinator such as:
    • Provide conference lodging information to Regional Coordinator by deadline determined by Regional Coordinator
    • Provide details for printed program (directions to conference site, meeting room locations, etc.)
    • Assist in developing schedule to incorporate local participation (such as speakers or cultural attractions)
    • A/V, security, providing directions, signage, meals/breaks, registration, suggestions for meals on your own, decorating, clean-up
  • Welcome participants, be visible and helpful
  • Assist with troubleshooting


  • Jointly preside at general sessions
  • Present an educational forum
  • Lead a fellowship activity

Headquarters Representative

  • Communicate with Regional Coordinator and/or host chapter as soon as possible (at least 4-6 weeks prior to the event)
  • Schedule Headquarters Update in a General Session (recommend length of 20-30 minutes for video and Q&A) as well as any workshops
  • Send contact information and travel itinerary to Regional Coordinator and/or host chapter
  • Arrive early at the meeting and make contact with Regional Coordinator
  • Meet with Regional Officers and/or host chapter upon arrival
  • Stay at conference hotel
  • Participate fully at the regional meeting
  • Serve as a judge, if needed
  • Conduct workshop(s)
  • Inspire and motivate attendees to attend the next International Convention and Honors Institute
  • Recognize Award winners (i.e., All-USA, Guistwhite, Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise, etc.)
  • Complete Regional Meeting Report and submit to staff


  • Present host plaque to host chapter(s)
  • Provide appropriate invocation