Breakout/Workshop Topics

Membership acceptance strategies

Advisor Training/Support

Honors in Action Projects

College Projects

Five Star Chapter Plan

Hallmark Awards

Competitive Edge (online professional development course)

Phi Theta Kappa scholarship opportunities (All-USA, Guistwhite, Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise, etc.)

PTK Connect (transferring to a four-year college)

Leadership Development Program

Running for office: opportunities for chapter, regional and international

Nota Bene

Honors Case Study Challenge

Other member benefits (such as corporate offers with Bank of America, GEICO, etc.)

Best Practices

Present guest speaker(s) with a token of appreciation (examples: a coffee mug, pen or other accessory from the Phi Theta Kappa Store, a book related to our Honors Study Topic, gift basket, etc.)

Begin the meeting by reminding attendees of the unique mission of Phi Theta Kappa which is to 1) recognize and encourage the academic achievement of community college students and (2) provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in Phi Theta Kappa programs/initiatives.

Host a panel discussion on leadership as it relates to the Honors Study Topic with various leaders represented (such as faculty, college administration, business, media, government, nonprofit, regional officers, etc.)

Host a panel discussion with each chapter representative sharing one of their chapter projects, include time for Q&A

Distribute a resource handout that would include books, films, articles, etc., for continued study of the Honors Study Topic issues explored during the conference

Pair a strong and a re-activating chapter to serve as workshop co-presenters